April 21, 2021

Earth Day 2021 Bermuda Green Country Blue Economy | Stephen Weinstein

Earth Day 2021 Bermuda Green Country Blue Economy | Stephen Weinstein

Earth Day – Protect, Impacts and Restore. Steve Weinstein shares with @Michelle St Jane how has Bermuda contributed through re-insurance leadership.

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Now is the opportunity to protect our precious Earth Day.  The 2021 Theme is  ‘Restore our Earth.’  Bermuda has centuries of engagement around conservation and preservation with physical initiatives focused on being a green country extending into a blue economy. Financial initiatives cover catastrophic risk management, insurance, reinsurance around resiliency.  Stephen Weinstein speaks of movement into an adjacent vertical, a new frontier of the world of climate risk finance.


  • Old World Conservation laws
  • Bermuda Habitats are more than sand dunes, seagrass beds, saltwater ponds, and rocky shores
  • The new frontier of the world of climate risk finance.

“Now we're all climate companies. Everyone's strategy is impacted by climate risks. Whether your recognition moment was the wildfires of recent years or the disruption of your supply chains from tropical storms.”  - Stephen Weinstein 


About the Guest
Stephen Weinstein was elected BDA Chair in 2020 and has been a member of the board since 2016. He currently serves as an advisor to RenaissanceRe. Stephen serves on the boards of several industries and charitable groups including:

  •  Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS), an independent U.S. non-profit scientific research and educational organisation based in Bermuda
  • The R Street Institute, a leading U.S. non-partisan policy organisation. He also serves on the President’s Advisory Counsel for the National Wildlife Federation, America’s largest non-profit conservation organisation.

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About the Show

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