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July 14, 2021

Deepening Your Discovery Around Outer Space and Our Skies | Dr. Moriba Jah

Deepening Your Discovery Around Outer Space and Our Skies | Dr. Moriba Jah

Have you ever thought of Deepening your discovery of Millions of Awe-Inspiring 🌠 Stars?
With today’s God-Like tech why not!
Let’s extend the conversation to protection 🛰️, conservation, sustainability of near 🌎 Earth orbit.
Are you aware of space commerce and the competing global interests in space the impact of your quality of life?
Have you considered the carrying capacity of near 🌎 Earth orbit?

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Have you looked up at the 🌠 sky in the early morning or after sunset?  Do so soon!

Beyond Earth, we have congestion in space in near-Earth orbit. Dr. Moriba Jah speaks to his research and mission to an open, 👁️ transparent, crowdsourced space traffic and environment monitoring and awareness system.  He makes a call to action for #spaceSustainability.  You, too, can step up as a #spaceHero.

Why is this important for YOU to know?

Space Collisions Millions of small metal objects orbiting the 🌎 Earth-like:

  •  There are 26k+ 🛰️ satellites  
  •  23,0000 orbital 🌌 debris larger than iPad 
  •  8,000 metric tons of space debris in our near 🌠space 

What Intrigued Me? 

  • The lack of space situational Awareness around the complicated issues of orbital carrying capacity, orbiting objects like mega-constellations of satellites, and debris in the near-earth space environment.  Have you consider the risks to your life today.

What Inspired Me? 

  • The AstriaGraph tracking orbital objects evidencing the need for Space Traffic Management.

Check out theASTRIAGraph 

What Challenged Me?

  • The Tragedy of the near 🌎 Earth Commons 🚩

YOU too can be a #SpaceHero.

Call to ACTION: Space Sustainability and Advocacy vs Space of Strategy of Hope

If orbital debris is a concern for you then supporting ‘Eyes on the Sky’ and challenging theSpace Strategy of Hope regarding #spaceJunk and #orbitalDebris.

Why not contribute to a future where you will flourish!  

About the Guest

Dr. Moriba Jah, a professor at the University of Texas, Austin's Department of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics.  He is a specialist in orbital mechanics. The creator of the AstriaGraph. 

About the Show 

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