Dec. 24, 2020

Can You Choose to Celebrate That!

Can You Choose to Celebrate That!

Welcome to a reflection around Contemplation and Celebration, an invitation to explore new ways of being and thinking based on wisdom gifted to you as you travel through your life and leadership in this world and wider cosmos.
Bullet Points
• Explore new ways of being and thinking and embrace your complex self
• 2020 has been a year of sensing isolation
• Unleash your infinite potential and create your blueprint [Michelle St Jane 8:02]
• Guided Contemplation [Michelle St Jane 13:42]
• Let's celebrate [Michelle St Jane 19:07]
Knowledge Bomb and Truth Bomb
● Embrace your soul [Michelle St Jane 5:18]
● Michelle’s secret thoughts and her “Itty BItty,Sh*tty committee” [Michelle St Jane 6:41]
● MetaHuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential (2019) Deepak Chopra
● Invisible Acts of Power: Channeling Grace in Your Everyday Life (2006) Caroline Myss
● Wherever You Go, There You Are, (1994) Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn
● Journal Daily Mindful Thoughts: Wherever You Go There You Are, (2019)
● My teacher the Octopus, Netflix’s

Welcome to a reflection around Contemplation and Celebration,  an invitation to explore new ways of being and thinking based on wisdom gifted to you as you travel through your life and leadership in this world and wider cosmos.

Bullet Points

  • Explore new ways of being and thinking and embrace your complex self
  • 2020 has been a year of sensing isolation
  • Unleash your infinite potential and create your blueprint [Michelle St Jane  8:02[  
  • Guided Contemplation [Michelle St Jane  13:42]
  • Let's celebrate [Michelle St Jane  19:07]

Knowledge Bomb and Truth Bomb

  • Embrace your soul [Michelle St Jane  5:18]
  • Michelle’s secret thoughts and her “Itty BItty,Sh*tty committee” [Michelle St Jane 6:41] 


  • MetaHuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential (2019) Deepak Chopra
  • Invisible Acts of Power: Channeling Grace in Your Everyday Life (2006) Caroline Myss
  • Wherever You Go, There You Are, (1994) Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn
  • Journal Daily Mindful Thoughts: Wherever You Go There You Are, (2019)
  • My teacher the Octopus, Netflix’s

About the Guest

  •  Dr. Michelle St Jane has had 4 careers as highly skilled international lawyer, in philanthropy (corporate & individual living & leaving a legacy); mediation (corporate peacemaker, employment, human rights).  She is also an avid historical researcher having written two thesis on 17th-19th century globalization of secret societies and voluntary associations).

About the Show

Podcast Host: Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey with Michelle St Jane

A podcast for Global and Re-Emerging Leadership creating a circle of influence, transcendency of compassionate leadership in the world and wider universe. A unique destination for learning about Leadership + Conscious Stewardship + Legacy.

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Michelle St Jane  0:01  

Welcome to Life and Leadership. I believe in creating community and actions and creating space to be curious. This podcast aims to take you on a conscious journey to quality, diverse, innovative content in conversation. My hope is that we create a circle of influence, a transcendency of compassionate leadership in the world, the universe. 


Namaste, the soul in me recognizes the soul in you. I would like to express my gratitude for your presence. You're here to hear.   This episode rests on my thoughts and contemplations as influenced by a number of deep contemplative thought leaders. My deepest thanks and appreciation for all those who reached out and engaged on social media. 


Welcome to this contemplation and celebration. This is an invitation to explore new ways of being and thinking based on wisdom gifted to you as you travel through life and leadership in the world and the wider Cosmos as Margaret Wheatley said, “Take courage from the fact that many people are longing to be in conversation.” 


I am glad you're here. Your conscious journey is your conscious journey. You're on track. Even if you just take a step, just the next step, the right step for you. Even the wrong step. You make the path by walking and from this walking you learn from your deep and varied experiences as you evolve your life and leadership. 


Join me. Let set intentions embrace what inspires you. Pay attention and embrace what does not contribute to your joy in life and contribute to your future. Gift yourself. No tension. re embrace with boundaries to being open to the golden opportunities. nested in the challenges and the obstacles. 


Seek lighthearted connections create your Neo-tribe of vivid visionaries. Remember, as long as you feel good about your conscious journey, and keep moving, you're on the right track. Let's embrace the wins and embrace the trespasses and be a witness to the challenges and the hidden opportunities and blessings within them. 


First off, let's embrace your complex self. No matter what the circumstances and chaos. You are not the cause. You cannot change it. And probably nor can you control it. Many of us try though. 


2020 has been a year of sensing isolation. For some of us it's open creativity and expansiveness. For others everything closed down. They've been cloaked in anxiety and fretfulness, at times. Just like for me, we've all experienced a combination of these. 



 Imagine you are looking through the window of your home. 

What do you see the be? 

At times I've experienced very sad loneliness. Not necessarily that I'm on my own or alone. But just that feeling of being disconnected. 


Reconnecting for me starts with meditation, prayer, and yoga. Being in my being. Then I can reach out and touch someone from my heart.  Either, in person or virtually. Try sending through mindful loving thoughts and prayers. 


American author Carolyn Myss reminds you to change the things you can and yes, you can. She says we have mega extraordinary powers within us to create our own reality. As a researcher, Carolyn Myss studies how people use their personal power and how you create sacred contracts. Through her research, she pioneers new meaning and fields of human consciousness, spirituality, and medical intuition. I think her book “Invisible Acts of Power, Channeling Grace in Your Everyday Life” is worth a read. 



Ask yourself, how am I being healthy in this transitioning world? dream big. When creating your sacred contracts, expand your embrace. Think. American Indian meditator, author and humanitarian Deepak Chopra calls for you to move beyond your present limitations exist the field of infinite possibilities. To learn more about this check out his book, “Meta human Unleashing Your Infinite Potential,” that he released last year. 



  • Do you take 100% responsibility for your life?
  • Do you act from a place where you are being response able?
  • Do you consider replacing toxic folks with kind thoughtful people in your life?
  • Do you move your focus to the people who truly love and enjoy time with you? 


Life is too precious to poison your presence and present pursuits. Enjoy relationships that are joyful and mutually fulfilling. You have a choice. Why not live from your compassionate heart? We're all going through this. When life gets stressful making the effort to find ways to laugh and celebrate the good that is happening in your lives becomes a priority. 


Embrace your soul. Did you know it's stronger than your body? 

Learn how to communicate with your soul. 

One tip I have for you is to start a conversation by journaling with your non-dominant hand. If your mind is blank, this certainly happens to me, then start asking yourself some questions like:

  • What is our purpose? 
  • What brings us joy? 
  • Please let me hear your voice. 
  • Bring me clarity.


Consider how you evoke your need for community, creativity and your inherent generosity. 

In this chaotic world, conscious leadership on behalf of people on planet is one important path forward. Often people are unconscious about what will bring them happiness. Their focuses on money, status, power, beauty. We're not taught how to ask for less. 

  • What does your heart truly desire and embrace this? 


Drama becomes your state of being.  Your life is all about doing.  You live constantly busy. Without silence and real contemplation. You'll remain rooted and worry. 

I know there are many times during waking moments there are reasons to be disagreeable and disgruntled about the people, places and things that appear in your life. I know. 


Michelle’s secret thoughts. I have Itty BItty, Sh*tty committee. There’s this group that reside inside my head, they're just waiting to make it all about the drama. They're restless, quick to think unkind thoughts. They make snap judgments and never find solutions.  Just begging to be a-swim in the negative energy and Doom.  There is a great acronym ‘HALT.’ When this happens, I try to remember to check in and ask myself:

  • Am I Hungry?
  • Am I Angry?
  • Am I Lonely?
  • Am I Tired? 
  • If not then who and/or what will inspire me to move out of the energy?

As Albert Einstein once said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” For me contemplation, meditation or yoga are often vehicles back into peace. 


Marianne Williamson, an author, political activist, and spiritual thought leader said “our deepest fear is not that we're inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we're powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” Being more conscious of the toxic ways we talk to ourselves and/or let others do so, hopefully is a flag to you to move into the courage to build the life that you want.


Create your blueprint for creating the life you would like to live. Taking time to pause, in quietude. When I do, I asked myself about the “Itty BItty,Sh*tty committee

  • What voice Am I hearing in my head?

See if I can ID the who is speaking and consider what I'm willing to do. 

If I'm inspired, I take action. 

Keep in mind there are people in our lives who influence you through negative narrative creating obstacles and sabotage. Check in, it's easy to play the blame game. Ask yourself:

  • Is it self-criticism?
  • Is the inner critic and me a Debbie Downer?
  • Is it habit? You know, they breed like rabbits? Note to self. 


I have my share of character assets and defects. I can choose to keep what serves me and/or resolve and let go what does not.  If that fails, frankly, a nap helps. 

Yes, confession I do and often fall asleep during this stuff. 


In Episode 16 we built an inner sanctuary that consists of a foundation, 4 columns and the roof garden. 


  • What new beliefs do you want to plant in your roof garden? 
  • What do you want to energize in your new story? 


Moving into new ways of thinking you have the opportunity to release toxic thoughts, linear thinking, and old ways of doing.  Be questioning and curious: 

  • What are your beliefs, thoughts?
  • What do you choose to keep? 
  • What to release around beliefs, ancestral trauma negative stories? 

Thank your visiting thoughts and feelings and learn and let go. All of those are most likely not helpful, not true or no longer serve you. Notice yourself:

  • How do you judge others? 
  • How do you celebrate taking on new ways of communication? 


Moving from ego-based relationships to heart-centered relationships, and there, you can re-embrace. Contemplate your state of peace:

  • What is telling you that you're in harmony with yourself and others?

Be reminded of, revisit, when you had that inner calm and sense of wellbeing. 

If you've had little experience of in a calm and a sense of wellbeing, listen on. In a few minutes, we'll do an exercise where hopefully you can experience this. 


First up, consider:

  • Where are you at this moment? 
  • Are you facing choice points, crossroads, forks in the roads, maybe knives and spoons too?
  • Are you open to being in peace, consciousness, and unity? 
  • Are you open to seeking the right group of people to share your journey with? 
  • Do you have the skills to take a journey of consciousness? 


Being in connection with others for 2021 celebrates the art of conscious relationships and learn from being home? In 2020, consciousness brings proficiency. 


  • You learn by witnessing yourself: 
  • How do you show up in the here and now? 
  • Contemplate your interactions with people you connect yourself worth? 
  • Ask yourself, is it easy to appreciate this person? 
  • Do I feel appreciated by them? 

Yes, think about this and contemplate the answers that arise for you. 


Okay, I know, I hear you saying to yourself “why contemplate?”  

Contemplation retrains your brain to pay attention to what is right now in our world now. 

Yeah, activate your awakened consciousness. As Margaret Wheatley said, “without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences and failing to achieve anything useful.” 


I asked you:

  • What's the one thing that you did that you're proud of? 
  • What's one mistake you made in the list and you learned time to move time for movement? 


Mindfulness is defined as “paying attention in a particular way, on purpose in the present moment in non-judgment,” according to scientist, writer and meditation teacher, Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn.  Around 1994, he was the catalyst for bringing contemplation into our everyday awareness. “Wherever You Go, There You Are,” is the title of his second book.  I have seen a soft bound journal, with a habit tracker for those who like to take a structured approach with changing your brain that came out last year. 


Okay, so train your mind, be present with an attitude of gratitude, compassion, kindness, and openness. There are benefits streaming from a practice of contemplation. They include: 

  • Inner calm and relaxation
  • Improving yourself efficacy to deal with stressful situations
  • A skill that can be practiced by anyone, anywhere with a desire to achieve greater well-being in the midst of daily pressure


Look around you. 


There is beauty everywhere. Look at nature. Consciously bring your pure awareness to achieve a state of relaxation, calm and wellbeing. Engage your senses. Experience enhance feelings of connections to yourself in nature. If you're a Netflix lover, check out “My teacher the octopus.” An, amazing connection to nature. Just Amazing! 


Let’s contemplate.

Breathing from your heart promotes relaxation by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. 

Let me guide you if this is a good time to pause. 

If not stop the recording and come back when you have time to contemplate. 

You can note this timestamp and return when it's convenient. 

Mind you, do not listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery only when you can safely relax and bring your full awareness to complete comfort. 

My guidance is only intended to help you relax and take you to a quiet spot within for contemplation. 

Benefiting from this contemplation asks only that you surrender the next few minutes. 

Pause and move within to a point of gentle mental tranquility and physical relaxation.

You can sit lie down, get into a position where you feel relaxed.

 If you feel uncomfortable, feel free to correct your body's position. Incorporate their sounds that you hear and in the neighborhood or in your home. It can all be part of your peace and not disturbing. 

Relax. Witness Is there a struggle for you the struggle between focus and allowing your brain to think random thoughts.

This is actually essential. It's not wrong. It is in this struggle that light finds its way into your being. It is called the way of enlightenment. It trains your brain and exercises your ability to focus, thereby increasing your capacity to concentrate. The struggle is like lifting mental weights. 

As you slow your breathing, breathe deeply, three or four breaths.

Let your breath return to your natural rhythm. 

Imagine each breath is coming through your heart and breathe out through the center of your forehead. 

Continue to move your breath through your heart and out through your forehead as we contemplate. 

Enjoy breathing in your own time. 

Fill your heart to compacity with breath, and then Breathe it out again through your forehead. 

Bring your breath into a gentle in and out flow. 

Breathing in through your heart and out through your forehead. 

On your next inhale. 

Notice the subtler sounds you can detect. 

Maybe it's your own breath. 

Maybe it's far far away. 

On your next inhale, bring your attention to your sense of sight. 

If your eyes are closed, you may see blackness. 

You may see lights. 

You may see cells dancing in front of your eyes like a kaleidoscope. 

On your next inhale, wake up your sixth sense intuition. 

Enjoy the spontaneity of consciousness. 

Right now. You're surrounded in abundance made up of your infinite creative potential. 

Eyes stay close. 

Breathe in through your heart, the breath out through the center of your forehead. 

Again, breathe in through your heart. 

Let breath go out through the center of your forehead. 

Eyes still closed. Move into gratitude. 

Think about five things you're most grateful for right now. 

  • The air you breathe 
  • The birds singing 
  • The people who love you. 

Give thanks.

Breathing deeply vibrate your whole being. 

You are fulfillment thank fulfillment bless. 

Radiance vibrates through every cell in your body. 

When you are really gently open your eyes, feeling calm, feeling serene and happy. 

Bring your focus back into where you are. 


Be aware own negative energy and intentions have left your body. 


This is a good time set your intention. 

You may have an intuitive feeling that life has taken on a stronger meaning with more purpose and will progressively get better. 


Mind your attention. You are becoming aware that negativity, anxiety and tenseness are choices you need not make. 


Move your thoughts into the light as you notice what's going on around you. 

Nature is a wondrous focus and surround yourself with joy and creativity. 

Commit to no tension. 


Take responsibility for creating the feelings and emotions that will bring you joy. 

For some, the thought of taking responsibility and action can trigger the response of freeze or wish to flee

If that's the case for you, I can share that I actively seek an accountability partner. 

Someone safe who keeps me on track/ I commit to keep checking in that my accountability partner too is on track with their intentions.  That they're paying attention and actively creating an environment of no tension. Choose instead to meet the trials of your day and enjoy a life of calm serenity. 


Let's celebrate. 

Embrace that you're making time for your intentions. You've done a contemplation. Pay attention. Celebrate the wins and what you learn from the challenges. Consider what do you need to an embrace what does not serve you celebrate the release of the things that you no longer need and celebrate your achievements and movements into all possibility. 


Re embrace. 

Seek out the right groups to share your conscious journey with. Like-minded people who live into their soul purpose. Their values align with yours. You both step into the world as conscious agents. To change the world where you can.


Contribute and celebrates your uniqueness and presence in the world. 

Celebrate new beginnings, your relationships with like-minded people, and the joys that appear in your life. 

Celebrate taking a massive step towards 2021. 

Thank you for joining me in this celebration and contemplation. 

I wish you love, light, and laughter on your conscious journey into Life and Leadership. 

If this conversation resonates with you reach out to me on social media.  Let’s extend the conversation. 

I'm interested, do you have a topic you'd like to explore the great to have your feedback. 

As a student of meaningful leadership in the world and wider cosmos. I have a passion for service through sharing wisdom, dream, and hope. 

Thank you for the opportunity to foster open conversation, discussions, and an exchange of ideas that create understanding and connection among diverse groups. 

Your support is valued. Please subscribe, leave a review and a rating. More importantly, share with your connections. Thank you


Wheatley, M. J. (2009). Turning to one another simple conversations to restore hope to the future.

Kabat-Zinn J.  (2019).  Seeds of a necessary global renaissance in the making: the refining of psychology’s understanding of the nature of mind, self, and embodiment.

Reach out.  I am interested, do you have a topic you'd like to explore? It would be great to have your feedback.

Dr. Michelle St Jane

Podcast Host: Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey 





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