Sept. 1, 2020

An Introduction to Life and Leadership as a conscious journey

An Introduction to Life and Leadership as a conscious journey

Join me, Dr. Michelle St Jane, in conversation around personal values and manifesto that drive this Podcast.
“There are times when it is important to walk away from normalized ways of thinking.
Leave the cave. Enter illumination of your purpose.
Practice the alchemy of leaning into your legacy.
Know what you stand for and willing to fall for.

In this episode, we cover personal values and manifesto that drive this Podcast.

“There are times when it is important to walk away from normalised ways of thinking.  Leave the cave.  Enter illumination of your purpose.  Practice the alchemy of leaning into your legacy.  Know what you stand for and willing to fall for.

The Overarching Aim of this Podcast

Let’s create a tribe and expand the circle of influence. It's all about creating compassionate leadership in the world and the universe.

The Dark Places and the Dark Times

In this episode, we discuss becoming conscious using the analogy of Plato’s Cave.   

Often it is the dark times and dark places that wake you up to your conditioning. Often accompanied by anxiety and feeling trapped.  The starting place for listeners who are interested in being changemakers, influencers. Living Legends, vivid visionaries is consciousness and raising your awareness around your feelings and thoughts.  Remember feelings and thoughts are guests who are passing through.  Listen to their messages and wish them well on their continued journey.

Do You have a Personal Manifesto?  Do You Know What You Value?

[1:00] My personal manifesto is to live by: 

  • Codes of Consciousness #leadership > Codes of Conduct 
  • Hearing the wildness of the heart > orderliness of the mind
  • Living life in great humor > To Do Demands
  • Radiating prosperity & spiritual wellbeing #legacy > accumulating
  • Philanthropy, #stewardship > Charity

This podcast is a show and unique destination for learning about Leadership + Stewardship + Legacy.”
Moongate, Platos Cave, TomorrowLand
Main Takeaway/Centralized calls-to-action

Consider your personal values and manifesto. 

E1 Image Credit Philip Dobbs Digital Artist and Graphic Designer in collaboration with Michelle St Jane

This is the visual image of a Conscious Journey, a collaboration between Dr. Michelle St Jane and Philip Dobbs, Digital Artist and Graphic Designer.

Cahow Bermuda's Own Protest Song.  Lyrics by Dr. Michelle St Jane and Music by John Woolridge.

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Michelle St Jane 0:03  

Welcome to Life and Leadership: A conscious journey with me Michelle St. Jane. This is a weekly podcast for leaders. The overarching aim is to create a tribe and expand the circle of influence. It's all about creating compassionate leadership in the world and the universe. This podcast has a vision focused on wisdom, strength, and hope.  Sharing innovative content that will add value through engagement and a sense of belonging. It is a unique destination for learning about leadership, stewardship, and legacy. This is the place for listeners who are interested in being changemakers influences. Living Legends, a vivid vision, race, and a hunger for quality, diverse content, and conversation around less discussed topics.  Let's create connections and relationships with like-hearted people. 

I'd like to share some of the commandments. I like to live by.


Suppose you're inspired by codes of consciousness for leadership and less so by constrictive codes of conduct.

Suppose you could hear the wildness of your heart, less so, the orderliness of your mind.

Suppose you could live life with great humor, less so the noisy demands of daily living. 

Suppose you could radiate prosperity and spiritual well being and be less driven by accumulation. Suppose you could practice philanthropy and stewardship, less charity. 

Well, this is the place for you to channel your thought leadership. To support quality, visionary virtuous leadership where you can imagine living and leading towards a healthy, robust, vibrant world. A world that pet that holds promise for future generations, conserving stewarding wisdom, and the resources of the planet and outer space.


I am guided by my values, and these are my top four. 

First, wisdom.  I'm devoted to leaning into living into my sense of purpose, serving others, through my combined knowledge and experiences, and especially social and environmental imagination. I'm in service to distributing and contributing to the world's knowledge base. Join me as an original and visionary thinker. 

My second value is compassion. Kairos, which means to be on spiritual time, has guided and supported me during my lifetime. The importance of being aligned with a stronger sense of moral standards. For example, it's important to me how we treat people, the planet, and the cosmos. 

Thirdly, I value future generations. A good steward life can be dedicated to building a legacy. Basically, it is my inner compass guiding me to build on the generations that have gone before me.  My ancestors were courageous pioneers. I lean into a future, gifting forward knowledge and appreciation for all that I receive while learning well from the dark times I've endured. 

And lastly, I value dialogue. Fostering open conversations, discussions, an exchange of ideas that help create understanding and connections among diverse groups. 

I believe in deep listening and sharing from the heart. Walking the talk, cooperating with others creates new mutual benefits and fulfillment for us all. 

What I have learned is that the most valuable step at times is when it's important to walk away from normalized ways of thinking. And I am committed to encouraging leadership for the kind of world that is sensitive to maintaining a fulcrum point based on the world beep wellbeing of people living well in balance with the planet and cosmos. 

Furthermore, I have a vision for a universe that includes people and non-human beings coexisting as one free from borders. Let's take a conscious journey to raise our awareness of things seen and unseen. Heard and unheard, not easy to do when life is difficult or challenging. 

Have you ever come across those times when you feel like you just can't move freely, and your thoughts and your actions feel stuck. Well, this is also a place to explore and leave. The allegory of Plato's cave arose in the seventh book of the Republic. And I often adapt the story to explain how the twisty turns of life that you experience can lead you into darkness, and out again into the light. My adaptation of Plato's cave goes something like this:

For me, I'm chained facing the back wall of a cave. I call this war Chronos. Chronos means to be on clock time, you know the type of thing it involves tight deadlines and long hours. Being as I'm chained, I feel like I am unable to look left or right or behind. The world I can contemplate for my position is constructed of moving shadows on the cave wall in front of my eyes.  Muffled sounds echo around me. The purpose of these images and the source of the sounds are unknown to me.  It may be there are many of us chained in this cave, I cannot know this. Plato says most of humanity is in a cave such as this. 

I find it helps to use the cave metaphor when I'm stuck, especially when I can't make sense of the shadows I see swirling around me. For those times that I've experienced personally. You know those times of an overwhelming sense of paralysis. For some, it may be evidenced as an inability to take action or anxiety. 

In my cave, the muffle sounds can alert me to my ability to sense more of my surroundings. I ask myself, why not get up, test the length of the chains, stretch them, turn around, walk towards the light. 

I've gotten up and I've taken steps and realized I'm free to move. I know now if I look more widely, what seems like shadows on walls actually mean that there a light nearby.  I should follow the light, it could show me the way forward and out of the dark. Most importantly, if I give myself time for my eyes to adjust I can see more clearly.


These are the times to turn around and take a new path.  Stretch out in a new direction. I know there are no clear signposts, so it's time to make the path by walking. Taking the first steps of this walk often takes courage and caution. Step out of the shadows and into the bright sunshine. The pain of the bright light in your eyes comes and passes. Perhaps allow your attention and curiosity to be ignited.  Engage your imagination. Be invigorated.  This is a time to know there is more to see and feel. And I find that this time, I can come very absorbed in an extraordinary environment and then realize I can engage And, more importantly, I need to be aware that the background noise can actually just be a form of interference. 

Perhaps I can consider new ways of thinking and be and allow that to emerge. Perhaps it's time to hear and see new possibilities. Consider the future. Perhaps it's time to choose not to focus on shadows. Perhaps it's time to notice and start to connect with aspirations that light my way from inside me. So I invite you to come walking with me on this journey, a conscious journey. Let's bravely step foot outside of Plato's cave and carve out a new direction. It may be a magical path, there may be opportunities to generate new outcomes. I choose to move forward and I hope you'll join me. 

So what do you have to look forward to in the coming episodes, the center of the theme on leadership, stewardship, and legacy leadership topics?  We'll cover the gamut of values and how they have an impact at different Life and Leadership seasons. The latest research around biohacking yourself to wellness and work-life balance, the impact of digital overwhelm career pivots, and the journey of re-emerging leaders. 

Imagine there is a suggestion we could comfortably live to 180 I suppose this as a case how would you live in Life differently from how you are conditioned to live today? In terms of stewardship? Suppose you could indulge in social and environmental Imagineering committed to investing in different outcomes


Connect with others who are living legends.  Those who have had successful careers. What if your current trajectory no longer satisfies you? What if you wish to flourish and share your wisdom in your more authentic ways.  Suppose it is time to lean into a legacy.


For me, that's about protecting future generations and the impact of today's action. Perhaps you too are on a conscious journey of awareness and curiosity.


The seasons of leadership are like gazing through a looking glass that shows you the labyrinth you have traveled. 

Reach out.  I am interested, do you have a topic you'd like to explore? It would be great to have your feedback.

Dr. Michelle St Jane

Podcast Host: Life & Leadership: A Conscious Journey 





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