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Dec. 15, 2021

After Cloud 🌤️ Creating a Digital Legacy | Darren Evans

After Cloud 🌤️ Creating a Digital Legacy | Darren Evans

Contributing to the next giant step in the relationship between humans with life limiting circumstances, legacy therapy and technology, lets exploring After Cloud. Join me in conversation with a social business that has created a free award-winning app bridging the digital 🌁 gap by:
💾 Capturing your digital memory,
⏳ Creating your digital timeline,
⛲ Life enrichment,
💓 Personalized digital legacy

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Imagining if you could record your voice, create 🎥 video, upload images, 🖊️ write or dictate letters and share important information and ⛲  memories with your loved ones, as well as post to a future date to 💓 celebrate any future 💓 occasion in one easy to use the intuitive award-winning app.

Why not develop a Life legacy that securely stores:

Life story, memories, thoughts, wishes, and important or meaningful information privately in the After Cloud App as a 🎁Gift 🎁 for your loved ones?

Meet After Cloud 🌤️ a business in the ‘Life tech’ space with this exact social purpose: “Sharing life's enriching moments with messages of love!”

Knowledge Bomb

An app bridging the digital legacy 🌁 gap

  • 💾 Capturing your digital memory, 
  • ⏳  Creating your digital timeline, 
  • ⛲ Life enrichment,
  • 💓 Personalized digital legacy

📖Digital Legacy Plan, Angela Crocker Vicki McLeod (2019)

About the Guest

Darren Evans is the CEO of After Cloud a digital life legacy and life enrichment award-winning app.

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