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Feb. 12, 2021

A conscious journey to finding his ❤️soulmate online | Adam Banning

A conscious journey to finding his ❤️soulmate online | Adam Banning

Intuitive business coach, @Adam Banning got the results he was seeking and some very funny stories to share with you in this episode.
What’s your ‘WHY’ for seeking a soulmate?
There’s a big investment in terms of your heart energy, time spent, and results reaped.
@Netflix movie “The Mirror Has Two Faces” is so apropos for Series 2 ❤️King and ❤️Queen. @Barbra Streisand asks her students:
“Why do people buy falling into love?”
Do You know the answer?

Adam Banning, intuitive business coach, shares his conscious journey to success in finding his soulmate online.  Adam generously shares some of the hilarious moments and his experiences as he walk the path of online dating and sites he used like @eHarmony, @Hinge, @Match and @Spiritual Singes.  Listen in to hear which site had the most interesting profiles and conversations.

Bullet Points

  • Adam’s success strategy for finding your soulmate in detail timestamp [14:05-15:23]
  • The Surprisingly Short Date – Her profile says: “I'm not tall.”  He wonders how short could she be? [3:37]
  • Date with the photoshopped woman and an unexpected friendship [16:15]
  • Date with super sad Starbucks women [19:54]

Allow your emotions to have their full lifecycle.

  • Hear more about Adam’s readings in parallel timelines in parallel universes using both intuition and quantum physics. [32:49]

Knowledge Bomb

  • A TIP for Him: ❤️King
    • Men look at women from a perspective of hunting a mate often as it relates to sexual attraction.
    • Women are more amorous, more intuitive when they're relaxed. To do this, see her from your heart.
    • Try this Buddhist practice: when you look at a woman for the first time.  See her, with every breath you take, build red energy, glowing energy, within yourself.  Then when it becomes so large that it fills up the lower half of your body, I want you to breathe it up into your heart, and your third eye. 
    • Then go and introduce yourself.


About the Guest

Adam Banning, intuitive business and life coach and founder of Life Cert.


Text: 310-999-7877

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