Feb. 12, 2021

A conscious journey to finding his ❤️soulmate online | Adam Banning

A conscious journey to finding his ❤️soulmate online | Adam Banning

Intuitive business coach, @Adam Banning got the results he was seeking and some very funny stories to share with you in this episode.
What’s your ‘WHY’ for seeking a soulmate?
There’s a big investment in terms of your heart energy, time spent, and results reaped.
@Netflix movie “The Mirror Has Two Faces” is so apropos for Series 2 ❤️King and ❤️Queen. @Barbra Streisand asks her students:
“Why do people buy falling into love?”
Do You know the answer?

Adam Banning, intuitive business coach, shares his conscious journey to success in finding his soulmate online.  Adam generously shares some of the hilarious moments and his experiences as he walk the path of online dating and sites he used like @eHarmony, @Hinge, @Match and @Spiritual Singes.  Listen in to hear which site had the most interesting profiles and conversations.

Bullet Points

  • Adam’s success strategy for finding your soulmate in detail timestamp [14:05-15:23]
  • The Surprisingly Short Date – Her profile says: “I'm not tall.”  He wonders how short could she be? [3:37]
  • Date with the photoshopped woman and an unexpected friendship [16:15]
  • Date with super sad Starbucks women [19:54]

Allow your emotions to have their full lifecycle.

  • Hear more about Adam’s readings in parallel timelines in parallel universes using both intuition and quantum physics. [32:49]

Knowledge Bomb

  • A TIP for Him: ❤️King
    • Men look at women from a perspective of hunting a mate often as it relates to sexual attraction.
    • Women are more amorous, more intuitive when they're relaxed. To do this, see her from your heart.
    • Try this Buddhist practice: when you look at a woman for the first time.  See her, with every breath you take, build red energy, glowing energy, within yourself.  Then when it becomes so large that it fills up the lower half of your body, I want you to breathe it up into your heart, and your third eye. 
    • Then go and introduce yourself.


About the Guest

Adam Banning, intuitive business and life coach and founder of Life Cert.


Text: 310-999-7877

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Michelle St Jane  00:39

Welcome, today I have Adam Banning with me. He's an author, life and business coach, and a radio show host. Adam is the man when it comes to conscious living. Adam, I'm looking forward to hearing some great stories from you about online dating. Can you share about your journey, please? 

Adam Banning  00:58

My journey has been long and winding, but it's been a really interesting one. I've laughed a lot, I've cried a bit and and I've learned a whole heck of a lot more. I was separated from my wife and then finally divorced, separated back in 2010, that's 11 years ago. And after I got separated, I said: I want to get out there. I want to be able to meet people. I knew what I didn't want out of a 20-year relationship and I thought I had an idea of what I did want. And I still have a lot coming to me in regards to things I need to learn. I took the basic route that so many people take where they're going “Well, I don't want to be on some sort of meat market type of channel in regards to internet dating. I'd like to be able to maybe use an algorithm which will help me out. “  


So I tried eHarmony, and that was fun but it was so interesting. It took so much time to finally get to the point where you could talk to somebody on the phone. Literally speaking, I would always say things like: Can we go to a phone call, that might be better? No, no, no. And there was all this procedure, it was literally, I think they were making money from the internet or something like that. Spend more time on the internet, you should be texting more with each other and it felt very impersonal. I tried a lot of different sites. One of my favorites was, it wasn't favorite because it was a magnificent site, for me at least. But I got some of the most funny stories out of it. I was on a site called Spiritual Singles because I am, and this was not listed within your intro, I am an intuitive business coach. 


Actually, ever since I was seven years old, I actually studied at a University for my psychic abilities. When I do business coaching, I tell people what the other side's going to say before they say it using my intuitive abilities, and so on and so forth. So I looked through a lot of intuitive work. I was like, I want somebody who accepts me, because my ex wife didn't accept the fact that I was able to do things like heal her swollen ankle by touching it within five seconds and having it go down, and doing things like telling people their future. She always had problems with that so I went to Spiritual Singles, that was the name of the actual website. 


I went to Spiritual Singles and it seemed like a bunch of really interesting people, and I personally liked the ratio better. There were way more women than there were guys. So I was like: Ooh, this seems fun. There was this one person on there, she was an astrologer. Obviously, I won't mention any names there. She was an astrologer and I looked at her picture, I was around 50 at that time and I looked at her picture. I'm 61 right now. And I said: Ooh, it says she's 52 but she looks great like she really took care of yourself. I mean, between you and I, she looked like she was in her 30s. I was like, wow, this person is taking care of herself, she's an astrologer so I read over her profile. It says that she's petite. Her height was, she says I'm not tall. I'm like: How short could you be and then I started looking through it all in the descriptions. It sounded marvelous. I was like, let's get on the phone, and she was into it too. And we started talking on the phone. 


She had this very interesting, sort of squeaky almost cartoon character voice, but I was like: What the heck, I can deal with that. The conversations were deep, they were rich. We spoke every single night, for two hours a night for a full week, until finally we just were like, we've got to meet each other. So I decided to do a really romantic thing. I was going to meet her at the Bluewater Grill and then in front for a Sunday brunch. 


The Bluewater Grill is actually across the way from a park inside Manhattan, and it was early in the morning and I was waiting there for my date who I was so excited to see. I was waiting there and waiting there and waiting there. Now mind you, I'm nearsighted, so I have problems with anything past 30 feet and I see in the distance, me being a dad of a father of two boys, I see in the distance what seems like a two year old child in the park, in the distance. Now I'm very concerned, I didn't see any parents. Just this two-year old child. I couldn't make out the child because I have problems with distance. I see the child in a different distance, and then all sudden the child waves in my direction. I'm looking around me to see where the parents are. My goodness who's taking care of this kid and the child comes even closer.


And then all of a sudden, I realize that it's a little person. We don't use words like dwarf or midget these days, we use a little person. That, I believe, is the acceptable term. It's a little person and comes closer, and the little person was like, up to my waist in height. As I'm seeing things that come closer to me, then I realized it was a much older little person, probably in her late 50s. And then all of a sudden, she comes into my view and it's her, the picture she gave me must have been 20 to 30 years old. 


In addition to that, she was not only short, she was real short. So she goes, Adam so good to see you, and she comes rushing up to me and she grabs me by my hand. And I'm standing there, holding her hand staring at her like a deer in the headlights. And there was that moment that you'll usually see within cartoons where there's a devil on one shoulder, and there's the angel on the other. And the devil said: You've got longer legs, and you can outrun or just run, run now. And the angel said to me: No, no, no, no, no. If she did this, obviously, she's had one heck of a horrible existence, so go on on the day with her. Come on, you can do this. 


So the angel won out, as the angel often does. She's holding on to my hand real tight, and we're walking together. Her head is about the height of my waist, and we walk into the restaurant, a very fine restaurant, and the Maitre D's at the front looks at me like, looks at her like, and looks up at me like I'm some sort of pedophile or something, or collector of short people. And he says, How may I help you? And I said, reservation for two, Banning. And he goes: Oh, Mr. Banning, I'm so sorry. I'm like, what are you sorry about? He says, the only tables we have available are in the bar section, they are high tops. And I looked down at her and she looked up at me literally at the crank, my neck just looked down on her, I think she heard her neck look up to me, and I said: Is this okay with you? and she said: No, no problem. And I was like, okay, so we both went over to the table. He sits us at the table. It's a nice table. It's just tall, and it has these chairs on it like barstools. She literally climbs the barstool like a ladder. Finally, I'm sitting at the table, she comes up and she pops her head over the top and goes, and I'm literally, like here in the back room.


I felt like they came from the mirror in the Munchkin City, and I was just standing there when she popped up and just to keep from laughing. And then we started conversation, we both got drinks, she loosened up a little bit and started telling me about her love life. I asked: So how is dating? I mean, I'm a curious person. And I like to be able to find out specifically what's going on within the life of individuals out there. So she started telling me about this love life which was, it's my interpretation, but it was horrifying to me. I was very empathetic to it. The people who are dating her are anywhere from drug addicts that have major issues, to individuals who had prowl carnivals and circuses to find short people, because they had fetishes. 


It was horrifying. My hands are on the side of my head as I was listening to this horrifying story, and then she looks at me, and she looks into my eyes and she says: You've been so wonderful and present with me. Can we have another date after this? And deer in the headlight, I got the feeling. I felt my antlers. I was about to get struck by an incoming truck and I came up with an answer, I said: Well, I just got done with a 20- year marriage and right now I'm just looking for friends. But if you want to be friends, you are so interesting, and I love the conversation. And she goes aww with a disappointed look on her face. She proceeds to climb from her precipice down onto the floor, comes around the table to me and reaches her hands up to me like a two year old child asking for a hug and she says: Can I at least get a hug out of you? 


Now mind you, I have back issues but I was ignoring that at the moment because I was in shock. And she looked up to me and I said, sure. I leaned over and I hugged her, and I realized my back was going out because it was such a deep lunge so I had to pull up but she was still holding on to me. She wrapped her legs around me like a monkey and as she's holding on to me like a monkey with the legs wrapped around, her arms around my neck, she stood there and she basically, what she did was she was standing there like wrapped around me, and I heard a bang and then loud laughter. The bang and loud laughter was the Maitre D who fell down behind the podium on the floor, laughing stone sterically, could not catch his breath. Well, that was my date with her. I finally got her down from the position of being wrapped around with his legs wrapped around me. She wanted to be able to go on a long walk afterwards, I went on a short walk with her, and I begged her farewell. So that was my experience with Spiritual Singles.


Wow, you're such a good storyteller and a diplomat. It's sad when people want to go from, I meet you, you're the one without getting to know you as a person, so she missed it there. If she would have taken you off on the friendship, it could have deepened and if it didn't, there would have been value in the connection for being able to have a respectful relationship on the level of friendship.


It also would have been nice if she would have put a picture that wasn't 20 to 30 years old in there, as well.

Michelle St Jane  10:08

I totally agree with you. I would rather have someone being attracted to me because I turn up as who I am, as opposed to them being deluded into who I was.

Adam Banning  10:20

Right. It's so funny. In my job, I coach and counsel people, a lot of individuals who are looking to be able to find loved ones in their life. And I help people on their life mission as it relates to my intuitive abilities and being able to make projections for them, and so on and so forth. And many individuals will stand there and they will look at these dating sites, and they will shop as if they're shopping for clothes. And I say to people, think outside the box, try something new, look inside an actual description of the person, things they've written almost don't even look at their faces in regards to it, and go out and meet people as if you're trying to gather friends. Because I tell you one thing for sure is if you take that point of view on it, you will meet so many friends from so many amazing connections, learn so much. And if you have chemistry, you're not going to know it online through a picture, you'll know it in person, and both of you will know.

Michelle St Jane  11:12

Absolutely, you'd certainly strike a positive note there. We are of the same age and I am also a very curious person on a conscious journey. But I remember in my 30s, I used to walk into a social setting and I'd literally set a half close my eyes, and I'd walk the outer perimeter moving in and in, feeling the energy. And then if I feel a certain energy, I just turn and introduce myself. I meet the most amazing people, people I might not have talked to because of their presentation or facial expression, because I'm an empath. You've just reminded me how I used to do that because I am curious, and I love people. 


But I realized in my 30s, I was falling into seeing better than I think. So I used that strategy, and you've brought that memory back to me. That's such a great tip that you shared, for sure. So you're in a 20- year marriage and I'm really interested in this because I stepped out of a 20- year marriage five years ago, and for me, I've been widowed and divorced. And for me, the learning that I took away from that was, this was a very good person but we weren't going to grow together. And also, there were issues that weren't being dealt with that were going to cost me my health, basically. But I think now is a different season and a different decade, there's got to be some depth, but also a person who is willing to grow into their best selves bringing a fulfilled life, because I already have a very robust life. So let's complement and be in the joy of life and when the human issues come up, let's learn and deal, and evolve. Yes, so back to online dating, how do you identify the learning evolvers?

Adam Banning  13:08

The interesting thing is I'm a little bit unorthodox in this, and I'll just tell you my mode of action, my mechanism, my mechanistic approach towards it. I learned something from my sister who she and her husband worked alongside and were the founders of the Nonviolent Communication Movement in the world these days. There was a technique that I modified to be able to actually attract my perfect other, who I've been dating for a while right now, we're in a relationship and we're going to move in with each other. I've never ever met a person so literally perfect for me. And one of the things is I used, not anymore because I'm in a relationship now, that I got through Hinge, which is one of the dating sites, but I only use it as a platform to be able to bring me what I want.


I think that many people lean too much on the platform, and they don't count on their own internal intuition and sense. They're too visual due to auditory, they don't count on their inner knowing as it relates to it. I learned a technique and I used it for myself, and the technique was pretty simple. It was A, I said to myself: What do I want? What is my perfect woman? So I described totally everything, her family life, her background, everything about her. What she looked like, down to the last team, and then I said to myself: I don't want that one. I want the feelings and experiences I would get by having that woman in my life. So I said: What are the feelings, experiences? I wrote them down to five different feelings and experiences. Then what I did was I actually said to myself, how can I get those feelings and experiences from what I have available in my life right now? And that was very, very interesting. 


I decided that I could do certain things, one of them was a sense of newness, so I said to myself: How can I get a sense of newness? I would learn new things about a subject matter. One of them was the feeling of cuddling as in the feeling of warmth. How can I get that? I got myself a full length body pillow, I got all these feelings in real life and started making them happen more and more in my life. And then when I had all five of these things happening in my life, all of a sudden, I went on Hinge and I picked the person that I would never ever pick. And I picked her, we matched the same day, we spoke the same day, we dated the same day and we knew it right from the beginning that we were literally perfect for each other. 


I allowed Hinge to be my vehicle, my platform for attracting the universe, but my actions of feeling those feelings of what I would get from that individual, first identifying them, then the feelings, then doing lots of those things that gave me those feelings, attracted her into my life. And I found out also that one of the projects that I'm working on right now, and I have been working on for five years developing, she has been working on almost the same project and now we are partners in that LLC.

Michelle St Jane  15:53

That's amazing. That's an awesome story, thank you for sharing that. So you're clearly been successful. You've got fabulous techniques, and you've got fabulous stories. So what was the strangest or the weirdest sort of?

Adam Banning  16:09

I've got a lot of strange and weird.

Michelle St Jane  16:10

Okay, share away.

Adam Banning  16:15

This is the story of the photoshopped woman. This was actually on, what is the name of that darn site, I think it was match.com. So we're on match.com and this woman was sitting down with her knees up and smiling, and she looked very, very cute. And I was like: Ooh, she looks very young for her age too. Once again, we spoke for an entire week on the phone very in depth. She was actually a pet psychic, a pet intuitive, so I was like: Oh, that's cool. She's out of the box. I like out of the box people, they understand me. So we finally made it on the date and I decided, I'm just so motivated by the conversation, I'm going to go to this very fine restaurant, I already pre- ordered the champagne and everything. It was lovely. And she was parking, she's parking the car, she went down a slope into a basement parking lot which was across the street. This was in Manhattan, New York City, and I saw her walk upstairs and it was slightly raining out. 


She was carrying umbrellas in the distance, and once again my short sightedness, when she started showing up, I realized that she had literally bags underneath her eyes that look like they were rented out from American Tourister, and she had what seemed to be a tour in her belly. Totally different shape than I had seen. The only way we could have gotten this picture which didn't seem current was a total Photoshop job. But I was standing there going: I already bought the champagne, I already did the whole thing. Already put this whole thing together. Let's just have ourselves a nice evening. So she came up the stairs and she gave me a big hug and was happy to see me, and I was standing there. 


I know a lot of people who are very, very, very abrupt and straightforward, and would say excuse me, we can't do this, you lied with your picture, and that's their choice. But me I was there already and I was like: Alright, it's raining out. She traveled all the way like 60 miles to see me. Okay, let's do this. So we went in, we had a lovely dinner, she was talking, she had this thing on her face where she would speak and food would dribble out of her mouth. And I was standing there watching this whole thing, literally in shock and horror once again, and I said to myself, maybe I can medicate myself out of this one. So I started drinking the champagne. I went through two bottles of that champagne, it wasn't getting any better. And we got along really well, we ended up being very, very good friends. 


Afterwards, I stayed in touch with her for four or five years because she was just so darn interesting. But at the end of the meal, she had said to me: Well, I hate to have this end, I said: Well, I'm heading down there to meet a friend which I was. She says, Can I take the cab with you? And I said, Sure. And we came along in the cab, and she literally jumped my bones in the cab and I was literally trying to keep her off me. She was rather strong. I consider myself a man who can handle himself but it was rather interesting. And as she's doing this, I keep on politely not making her feel rejected, but pushing her up and starting conversations until finally I left and I literally jumped out of the cab while it was still moving. She said she had too much to drink, and we became friends and we laughed about it in retrospect.

Michelle St Jane  19:17

That's a great story of caution. I have to tell you, being a professional woman, I never drink when I'm out. I'm sorry. It's just something I do not do. I do not need to have alcohol or anything to have a good time and I've just seen too much. Yes, tragedy from that. So yes, that's a really good cautionary statement there for listeners. Drinking doesn't land you your partner.

Adam Banning  19:45

Well, in retrospect, it's quite comical. But at the moment, it was quite shocking. I actually have one date, some people aren't actually meant to be dating at the time that they're dating, they're still getting over someone from the past. One of the stories that I had with this was also a match.com is where the woman came and we met at a Starbucks. And she couldn't look me in the eye, she was always staring down at the table as she was talking to me. And being an empath and intuitive, I sort of offered some insight when I said to her, and she just wouldn't look, she was always looking down as she was talking to me. I offered her some insight and I said, it seems as if you're getting over someone then she says: Yes, I am, and she starts crying. 20:28

And I said: Why don't you give those emotions some time to have life, because those emotions will go away. We always wonder as human beings in the depths of sorrow, if we will ever get out of it. But I am here today to tell anybody listening, that it's important to have and allow those emotions to have their full lifecycle that you will make it up the other end. And by doing that and honoring it, you're not stuffing it on the carpet and leaving problems for later on in life. So finally, she smiled and she wiped her tears and looked me in the eyes and said, thank you. But it wasn't the right time for her, she needs to give time to those emotions.

Michelle St Jane  21:03

That's a really valid point, for sure. Having been divorced, I did a divorce recovery workshop and the wisdom was for every five years that you're married, wait a year to date. So for me, that was four years. So last December 2019, I dipped my toe in the pond, thinking maybe I can do this. And I turned 60, I was probably not going to be a lot of interest. I got flooded with interest, I was really quite surprised. So I decided that I would at least talk to someone, at least more than twice, because I know I'm fairly articulate. But if you get shy or awkward, you just leave the wrong impression so I wanted to make sure that I didn't come back more than once. 


But I was really amazed. Exactly what you said. Very hurt people using the Pat A Platform  to be heard, not realizing other people may not be there to hold that space for you, or even considering is it appropriate. And I had, I think two coffee dates, we're for me, the men really needed a therapy chat. Similar to you, I very gently said: I can't be your therapist. And frankly, if you were to have a relationship with a woman off one of these sites, making her your counselor is a death nail to the relationship. Not going to happen, so one chat was very, basically he's like: Well, you're the one for me. And I said: Well, this is not the right time for me to be the one for you. I'm not willing to do a lot of therapy chat. It's not my training, I've trained to be a lot of other things, but not a therapist or a counselor. And I know it's a death nail for me, that would not be a role I'm looking to fulfill in a relationship. 22:54

The other thing, this is in New Zealand at that time. The dating site, the only young men who put on the side of a woman, now these men were in their 30s and 40s, they were seeking a woman from 50 to over 90. So I was over 50, so I had a few of them who picked me. And basically they wanted to get home from work, have their shower and eat dinner, watch the news, and then have a telephone call. And they had realized that women 50 plus could have conversations. They were not looking to have babies and moved in, they were very happy to have a conversation. I said, there's two takeaways. I was not expecting when I went on the dating site. 


So I came off fairly quickly because I thought I didn't want to be in the position of saying, I can't be your counselor. And I also was a very busy woman with a very fulfilled life, right time engaging with people who were lonely and needed to have conversations in the evening was not actually going to work for me. I was looking for a spiritual partner to build a relationship with. I do a lot of contributing to the world. But those are two things I did not see coming in the food experience I had. 24:14

So I'm saying this one because of your taxi experience. I went to coffee with a really fabulous chap, he basically said: I want to take you home and sleep with you because I think you're gorgeous. And I had coffee on the pavement, outside a coffee shop with the pavement surrounded by umbrellas and people, so the dogs saw the whole thing. So he's like, I really want to take you home. He says, you're gorgeous and I'm sitting there thinking, how can I be kind while I'm feeling like a stunned mullet? So I said to him, I was very honored that he picked me. But I wasn't available for that invitation as flattering as it was because I was a little not expecting anyone to be propositioning me at a coffee.

Adam Banning  25:03

Most definitely yes.

Michelle St Jane  25:04

Yes because that, for me, is something that has to grow to be a value for me. My body is my temple, let me put it that way. If that's what adults wish to do, I have no opinion on that. But I was not prepared to deal with that, I did not expect to be on someone's desirable list and thinking really fast with my coffee. Thank you for inviting me to do this but, and he was so shocked that I said no, first and foremost. He did not expect me to say no and the second thing was, he said that that's the nicest rejection he'd ever had. 


We remained friends for a few months. For him, he was waiting for me to be ready. So the friendship with a reason, and he was a very nice person but once I realized it was a friendship for a reason, I was like, you need to free up your diary to go exploring. And I resisted saying, please get a counselor. I don't know, I guess naively, I thought being a woman of a certain age and certainly with us, I bring a certain gravitas. My body is my temple, I'm not putting it all out there. And as much as I really enjoy an intimate relationship, I'm not available for a skip,hop and a job. I didn't get mauled but I did get put on the spot in public with many coffee drinkers and their dogs were around. You know, everyone's heard him because the whole place stops and looks, I'm like oh, boy...

Adam Banning  26:46

Hey, what is she going to say? Someone's going to get behind you and start coaching. Now you should handle this way, this is like what?

Michelle St Jane  26:54

Absolutely. This was a really terrific person, but clearly the alignment was off and for what he needed in his life. By the end of a few months later, he didn't like one night stands, and he didn't like women doing that to him. I think he was on a learning curve and I was not playing the teacher, the counselor or the therapist.

Adam Banning  27:16

But you know what happens which is really interesting is, when you get individuals who are on a spiritual path, who have some experience behind me, I also sense that you have a number of different lives before this life as well. When you get people like that it's easy for an empathic individual who also has some level of spiritual evolution to take the role of teacher. And oftentimes, it becomes easy because the other person looks up to you. I've had many women who have not been at the same level, and I've taken them on as teachers, but it always ends up failing. 


The woman that I'm with right now, she has exactly as much action in the area of spiritual learning, spiritual experience, and intuition. We've known each other and many different lives and I see eye to eye with her. The one thing that offers to me as a person who teaches in this area, who lectures in this area, is it offers a person that I can form a partnership with, see eye to eye with. I actually asked her very deep questions and even more importantly, this is very important to me and I think it's important to other people as well, to have a true relationship, you must find someone of such equal ability, acumen and gravitas as to be vulnerable with them. And then it's in the state of vulnerability is the state of possibility and opportunity, so in being that individual, I couldn't be vulnerable as a teacher, but seeing eye to eye with this person and having great respect for her and her accomplishments and replace, not only within her life, but in the universe, allows me to do that, and it's wonderfully freeing.

Michelle St Jane  28:53

Wow, powerful words of wisdom and you so resonate with me. I'm not looking for Prince Charming, I'm looking for the king of spiritual partnerships.

Adam Banning  29:04

There we go.

Michelle St Jane  29:05

Yeah, I agree with you. It needs to be someone who we learn and grow together. I hold up my half of the sky, he holds up his half of the sky and we can evolve. We have this lifetime to evolve and that's really, yes. Is there anything else? Any other tips for the ladies and the men, in terms of online dating?

Adam Banning  29:29

Give you a tip for the men, just for the moment. I'm sorry, because I'm speaking with a lovely lady here. But one thing that I teach men in my practice to be able to do is how to be able to go up to a woman, have her be receptive to you? See, the biggest problem that I see with men in the initial meeting is where they look at the woman Trump. Basically they don't know it, but they look at the woman with a focus on their groin. Men look at women from a perspective of hunting and capturing, and a perspective of: Is that individual a proper mate for me as it relates to, especially if you're a younger man, from a sexual interaction like this is the one I'd be with, that one not so much. 


First of all, women feel hunted when you come from that position, and women are more amorous and more intuitive, they're relaxed and they're seeing. So I say to men, do the following, it's a Buddhist practice. I say, when you look at a woman for the first time, even if it's in a bar, you look at a woman for the first time, and you see and she's attractive. I want you to focus on your groin. I want you to see with every breath you take, a building of red energy, glowing energy, with every breath that builds more and more. And then when it becomes so large that it fills up the lower half of your body, I want you to breathe it up into your heart, and your third eye. 


Just imagine breathing it up and when you have all that energy in your heart and your third eye, then go over and just introduce yourself by saying: Hi, my name is so and so. What's your name? That's it. That position allows women to feel seen and be seen from the heart. I've done that with so many people and coached so many men in that process and I almost consistently receive a phone call within three days to a week afterwards saying: You will not believe, I went to the bar the other day, and I have so many phone numbers. It's crazy. And you know, some of these women, you  might just want as friends. They're amazing! And literally seeing a person from your heart, and breathing that energy into your third eye. Just breathing it up is such an amazing technique and that seems to work quite well.

Michelle St Jane  31:24

Brilliant. I love that. Yeah, that is a wonderful, wonderful, tip seems a wrong word but that's a wonderful, wonderful exercise to carry out for sure. So share a little bit about what you do, and wrapping up, feel free to share about the work that you do and how listeners can reach you and that sort of thing, although I'll have all that in the show notes as well.

Adam Banning  31:46

Great, no problem whatsoever. You do have the email address adam@thelifecert.org. That is the organization that we're working on right now, both my partner and my love in helping individuals to be actually certified in being able to have relationships and certified in having children. There's no licensure for either one of those things, people just jump into and do the best they can, and that's why we have a divorce rate of 50% and we have child abuse and latchkey kids at home. So we felt it was important to be able to, in the same way you get a certification for or you get a license for being a lawyer or for getting a driver's license. You have licensure there, it's also going to include a lot of the major companies out there like Huggies and others have decided to be able to get discounts for our people who get certified. Making having children as much as 20 to 30% less expensive, and everything from home insurance to different types of contractors for a home, if you're going to move in with somebody, become less expensive as well. 


My main work that I do these days is counseling individuals. I am a business and life coach who is highly intuitive. I actually read people's what's known as parallel timelines in parallel universes using both intuition and quantum physics. So I can tell you how to overcome your problems that you have in your life by looking at what you're doing in a parallel timeline. I do healing work, and I also work with them in regards to business negotiations. So whether it be building your business or whether it be allowing you to find the love of your life or your life's mission, this is the type of work I do. And I work with everybody from the average individual to some top celebrities in Hollywood.


I can be contacted through adam@thelifecert.org or I can be texted directly because I'm always a firm believer and I've always been rewarded by this. I can be texted directly at 310-999-7877 if you have questions or you would like to schedule a session. And I thank you so much for allowing me on your show to share some of these incidences which I brought such great laughter to so many friends of it, but the bottom line is that I think everybody out there should learn just one thing: Don't take yourself too seriously, and go out there and find a bunch of friends. And out of those friends, you will find the people you have chemistry with.

Outro  34:05

Dr. Michelle St Jane is a conscious steward in meaningful leadership in the world and the wider cosmos. Tune in every Thursday for real talk about Life, Leadership and your Conscious Journey. Be ready to create and cultivate your dreams and so heart of desires. Your support is valued. Please subscribe, leave a review and a rating but more importantly, share with your connections.

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