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Sept. 17, 2022

KillPod #6 - Watch it on TowerPowerHour (EP 64)

KillPod #6 - Watch it on TowerPowerHour (EP 64)

Andy and Tyler welcome you to the 6th Edition of Kill Liberty Podcast - In the fashion of Kill Tony, we will host your 1 min rant, hot take, complaint, comedy set or whatever you want. We did a crossover with Tower Power Hour and streamed on their platform.  If you have the stomach for it, go check it out there. 

Tower Power Hour


Check out Toplobsta.com for your liberty art and merchandise. 

(Top drew the thumbnails and we stole them from Josh Smith)

LPR On Other Platforms

Check out EP 1 for my origin story and what we are planning for this show.







This show is an attempt to review the libertarian and libertarian adjacent podcasts or video podcasts. Send us your favorite podcasts or ones that you would like to have us critique and analyze. We will gladly give you an opinion of their worthiness of being called libertarian (even if the host doesn’t think so) - should be labeled as such.