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Let's Talk: Freelancing As A Creative w/ Photographer Carly Jean Sharp

May 03, 2023

Let's Talk: Freelancing As A Creative w/ Photographer Carly Jean Sharp
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Carly Jean Sharp is an LA based photographer, with work featured in Vogue, Billboard, Harper’s Bazaar, and more. Along with working for brands such as Aviator Nation and FunBoy, Carly has photographed artists, actors, and influencers including Gracie Abrams, Camilla Cabello, Rosa Linn, Mauda Apatow, and Robyn DelMonte. In this week's episode, Carly delves into building up a business and advocating for yourself as a freelancer. She takes listeners through what it is like working on set, and how she curbs imposter sydrome while photographing for major brands and stars. While majorly successful, Carly is still early on in her career, and her stories and advice will resonate with recent graduates in the creative fields.


Hi, I’m Jordyn Tareaz and I am a pop singer-songwriter and a senior studying music business at Syracuse University’s Bandier Program. With graduation around the corner, now more than ever I’ve found myself confiding in mentors and people who inspire me as I plan my next steps and carve out my future. During this time I’m equally scared and excited for everything that’s to come. And when thinking about my own struggles regarding finding my footing within the music business, I knew it was important to create a platform that could help others in the same position. Hence, “Let’s Talk with Jordyn Tareaz” was born. With this podcast, I’m bringing on people working in the entertainment industry to discuss how they broke in and continue to impact the culture. Imposter syndrome, anxiety, and burnout are things that I struggle with daily as a creative and just a typical 21-year-old. I wanted to cultivate a community where these things are talked about openly and honestly. Along with career journeys, each episode touches on the mental health challenges that many people face in the hectic, ever-changing entertainment industry and how my guests, as well as myself, are dealing with them. Ultimately I want to foster raw and real conversations around the taboos people aren’t talking about. So sit down, grab a matcha, and “Let’s Talk”.

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