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May 5, 2022

Objection! Sustained or Overruled Thoughts

Objection! Sustained or Overruled Thoughts

My inner life has evolved from having a mean inner critic to having a calm, fair judge. 

This technique has stopped ruminating and otherwise “wasteful” thinking in its tracks, and today I bring it to you!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How having an inner judge can be a wonderful way to use your eager-to-please mind
  • How to raise OBJECTIONS, your honor
  • Suggestions for when to SUSTAIN your objections
  • Suggestions for when to OVERRULE your objections

Resources mentioned: 

  • “Visuals increase attention; now science explains why” (Science Daily, Dec 2021)
  • “Our eyes and brain work together to create a ‘pipeline’ of meaning” (Science Daily, Sept 2021)
  • “Many People Have a Vivid ‘Mind’s Eye,’ While Others Have None at All” (New York Times, June 2021)

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