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April 14, 2022

Fun Work Performance Reviews (Really!)

Fun Work Performance Reviews (Really!)

Perhaps you have a corporate job or run a business with employees. How does the “performance review” factor into your year? The annual work performance review process can be considered the source of stress for both employees and the managers who serve them…but there is a less stressful, more fun alternative!

Whether you have influence over the process or not, this episode will make the performance review something you may actually look forward to with enthusiasm!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How mental beliefs and thinking can increase stress around performance reviews
  • Suggestions for preparing your mind to reduce the experience of stress of writing a performance review
  • How to prepare for a wonderful performance review conversation

Resources mentioned: 

  • “6 Predictions for the Future of Performance Management” (Gartner, Oct 2021)
  • “13 Employee Performance Review Tips That Actually Improve Performance” (Quantum Workplace, Jan 2021)
  • “Annual Performance Review Bows Out” (SHRM, Jan 2021)
  • “More Harm Than Good: The Truth About Performance Reviews” (Gallup, May 2019)

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