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Nov. 4, 2021

All about...feelings!

All about...feelings!

Are you comfortable with feelings? Many of us are not. We spend so much time avoiding, resisting, or overreacting to our feelings instead of seeing what a gift they offer to our lives.

But feelings are a beautiful guidance system, and make life a rich experience!

In this episode, Lisa talks about:

  • The feelings associated with stress
  • How to allow feelings without overracting
  • How feelings are our weather guide
  • How feelings are a quick slice to detect thinking

Resources mentioned:

  • George Pranksy quote: “Feelings provide our moment-to-moment experience of life. They tell us the extent to which our perceptions are distorted by our moods and thought systems.”
  • Are Emotions Born or Made?” Greater Good Magazine
  • Feeling Our Emotions” Scientific American

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