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March 16, 2023

75. Inviting Serendipity

75. Inviting Serendipity
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Serendipity. It’s more than a delightful word to say on repeat. Serendipity, serendipity, serendipity. It’s a fun way to think about your life.

In this episode, I’ll share:

  • My 2023 goal of “conversationally activated serendipity”
  • What I learned about the science of serendipity
  • How a serendipity mindset can reduce stress and definitely make life more fun

Resources mentioned:

  • “Eh, too many cooks in the kitchen,” Mindy Project S1, Ep12
  • “Too Many Cooks” (Adult Swim, YouTube)
  • “No regrets: creating meaningful connections in a (dis)connected world” (Christian Busch TEDx on YouTube)
  • Dr Christian Busch’s book, Serendipity Mindset, including his interviews 
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary: serendipity

Thanks for listening!

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