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My Updated Hack at the Los Angeles Rams 2023 Roster; and a Look at AFC Over/Under Win Totals

May 25, 2023

My second hack the Los Angeles Rams 53 man roster and their practice squad - just a small change from the last one. I also take a look at AFC over/under win totals and pick a team from each division that is being over or und…

One More Look at the Los Angeles Rams 2023 Draft with Scott Richmond

May 22, 2023

We had Scott Richmond on prior to the 2023 draft to talk about prospects he liked for the Los Angeles Rams. Scott joins us again to review all of the Rams selections and how they might fit in. We also discuss some undrafted …

Who will be the LA Rams Breakout Players in 2023? And What are the Experts Saying About the Rams?

May 18, 2023

With the exit of so many established starters, the Los Angeles Rams need some returning players to step up and start contributing. Who are my candidates for having breakout seasons for the Rams? We also take a look at what e…

Our Take on the Rams Schedule and Their Path to the Playoffs; and Celebrating the Rams of the 1970s

May 15, 2023

A close look at the Los Angeles Rams 2023 schedule; despite the early gauntlet, there's a path to the playoffs for this young team. We also celebrate one of the greatest eras of any NFL team - the Los Angeles Rams of the 197…

The Second Half of our Post-Draft Roundtable with Mark, Paul, and Tom

May 11, 2023

Mark, Paul, and Tom got together to discuss the Rams draft picks, their undrafted free agent signings, remaining holes in the roster, and all things Rams heading toward the 2023 season. We shared the first half of that round…

Our Annual Post-Draft Roundtable with Paul, Tom & Mark; A Close Look at the LA Rams 2023 Draft

May 8, 2023

Mark has Paul Walia and Tom Courts back for our annual post-draft evaluation of the players selected by the Los Angeles Rams, as well as an assessment of their overall strategy. This is Part 1 of the discussion - what we lik…

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