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Rams News and Notes, and a Few More Questions from Payo Time's Live Stream; from LA Rams Up

March 27, 2023

Getting caught up with the state of the Rams, the return of a popular feature, and two more questions from Payo Time's Live Stream

Talking More LA Rams Football With Payo Time the Canadian Ram Fan; From LA Rams Up

March 23, 2023

We share more excerpts from our live stream with Payo the Canadian Ram Fan; we talked LA Rams football including backup quarterbacks and the NFL draft

A Look at the LA Rams Roster After One Week of Free Agency, and Talking Rams Football with Payo Time the Canadian Ram Fan; From LA Rams Up

March 20, 2023

Free Agency hasn't brought much joy to Ram fans. Lets look at the updated roster after all of the losses. And we joined Payo Time the Canadian Ram Fan to talk Rams football

What the Heck are the Los Angeles Rams Up To; Plus a Mock Draft and a New Sports Pet Peeve; from LA Rams Up

March 17, 2023

After a few day so free agency, it's becoming clear what the LA Rams strategy is this offseason

Another Long Time Fan Joins Us to Share His insight into the LA Rams 2023 Roster Build; Plus Rams News and Notes; From LA Rams Up

March 15, 2023

Nobody knows the Rams like a die-hard Ram fan; Scott Richmond joins us to explain what the Rams can do in the draft and free agency to get back to the playoffs and Super Bowl

Another Los Angeles Rams Roundtable and Mark, Paul, and Tom Share Their Thoughts on All Things Rams, Including Real Time Reactions to the Jalen Ramsey Trade; from LA Rams Up

March 13, 2023

Mark, Paul and Tom have another LA Rams Roundtable, and give their thoughts on all things Rams, especially the Ramsey trade and the release of Leonard Floyd