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March 21, 2023

Extreme Ghostbusters - Luck of the Irish

Hey Everybody! This week we do our patented Too Late Holiday Episode! This time it's St. Patricks Day, a full 5 days after the holiday! We're getting closer? This is the story of Extreme Ghostbusters, a cartoon that came late...

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March 14, 2023

GIJoe - Ninja Battles

Hey Everybody! This week we do the third short GIJoe film from the mid 2000's! Ninja Battles is a part CGI/Part Motion Comic hybrid that made one of us very excited! You can probably guess who that was...this one isn't …

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March 7, 2023

Punky Brewster - Mississippi Mud

Hey Everybody! This week we go back to the 80's for Punky Brewster! Punky Brewster was a popular live action show directed towards children of all ages. This takes the characters and adds a magical Frank Welker animal to incr...

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Feb. 28, 2023

Lilo and Stitch - Hunka Hunka

Hey Everybody! This week we are joined by the full cast of A-E-Doubleback because Gina is out sick! Will this show pass the mustard? Let's dive in and fine out... Enjoy! MERCH STORE - www.teepublic.com/stores/knowing-is-half-...

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Feb. 21, 2023

GIJoe Valor Vs Venom Part 3

Hey Everybody! This week we close out Valor Vs Venom. Does it end with a bang or a whimper? Or like, a lot of bangs over a 20 minute time period. Let's find out.... Enjoy! MERCH STORE - www.teepublic.com/stores/knowing-is-ha...

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Feb. 14, 2023

GIJoe Valor Vs Venom Part Two

Hey Everybody! This week we are back to break down the middle section of Valor Vs Venom! Valor Vs Venom was a straight to DVD movie in the mid 2000's that built on what Spy Troops started. Glad to say …

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Feb. 6, 2023

GIJoe Valor Vs Venom Part One

Hey Everybody! This week we dive into the 2nd Straight to DVD short GIJoe film! It's Valor vs Venom! The somewhat maligned offering that had the highest profile of the 3 movies made during this time. Was it unfairly judged …

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Jan. 30, 2023


Hey Everybody! This week we watched Kissyfur! It's a show that makes many "Cartoon best left forgotten" lists. Is it as bad as all that? We watched it...I think you can guess.... Enjoy! MERCH STORE - www.teepublic.com/stores...

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Jan. 23, 2023

GIJoe Spy Troops PART TWO

Hey Everybody! This week we dive back into Spy Troops! So far so good! This is the 2nd half of the short film, which is basically just one big battle scene. Soooooo we've got less to say in this one.... …

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Jan. 16, 2023

GIJoe - Spy Troops - Part ONE

Hey Everybody! This week we round the corner on our Season Six by taking a look at one of three direct to video short films from the early 2000's! Spy Troops is an early CGI (Read: Ugly) take on the …

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Jan. 9, 2023

Street Sharks - Shark Wars

Hey Everybody! This week we do our New Years Eve episode...yup, we're back to our old ways! We recorded this ep soon after we all got back from our various trips and we are all EXHAUSTED and I think a …

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Dec. 24, 2022

The Jetsons Christmas Carol

Hey Everybody! This week we are doing ONE LAST Xmas ep for y'all! Take us to a truly bizarre take on the Dickens Classic, where the true motivations and arc of the original story are impossible due to sitcom rules. …

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Dec. 20, 2022

The Smurfs - Baby's First Christmas

Hey Everybody! This week we go deeper into Xmas with The Smurfs! We ask you, the audience, Which was worse; Gargamel's B-Storyline or Baby Smurf? Enjoy! MERCH STORE - www.teepublic.com/stores/knowing-is-half-the-podcast Patre...

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Dec. 12, 2022

Sonic's Christmas Blast

Hey Everybody! This week we go FULL XMAS!!! Sonic's Christmas Blast was a cartoon Ray's kid made him watch last year around this time and it stuck with him so much that we're bringing it here for all of you.... …

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Dec. 4, 2022

GIJoe Extreme - Betrayal

Hey Everybody! This week we wrap up GIJoe Extreme! Can you believe it??? The ending fills us with warm memories, and causes us to reflect on not just what we've done over the past 2 seasons, but life itself. By …

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Nov. 27, 2022

Camp Candy with Frankie G

Hey Everybody! This week we go to the bank of episodes and release one that we recorded a while ago and were holding on to...til right now! Gina was out of town, so Chan and Ray got together with Frankie …

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Nov. 17, 2022

GIJoe Extreme - Metalhead goes A.W.O.L.

Hey Everybody! This week we are back with the Penultimate episode of GIJoe Extreme! Surprising us all this time it's not a clips show like DIC era tried to hoist onto us! Was it a good episode? Weeeeeell we will …

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Nov. 11, 2022

GIJoe Extreme - Fear at Fifty Fathoms

Hey Everybody! This week we get back to GIJoe (Ray was insistent) and we have some kind of meandering episode this time! Fear at Fifty Fathoms might be one of the weaker offerings for this series but that doesn't mean …

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Oct. 31, 2022

Zoobilee Zoo - Halloween

Hey Everybody! This week we watch Zoobilee Zoo, a live action show for the theatre kids! They had a Halloween ep with a few strange lines and plot details and the person who got mad about it is probably not …

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Oct. 28, 2022

Sabrina The Animated Series with Mike Irizarry

Hey Everybody! This week we teamed up with Mike Irizarry of the What's on Joe Mind Podcast to talk about not GIJoe, but Sabrina the Teenage Witch Animated Series! There was mirth, mayhem, and just a slightly larger amount of …

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Oct. 21, 2022

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't

Hey Everybody! This week we do another Live Action Special! It's 1979's The Halloween That Almost Wasn't! This is a monster comedy special for kids that featured Judd Hirsch as Dracula and let me tell you....he's really going...

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Oct. 14, 2022

Hamtaro Halloween

Hey Everybody! This week we do another Halloween! This time it's Japanese import Hamtaro! Will it make sense? Will it have depth? Will we all be on board with this early 2000's anime show for kids? Would Chan show this …

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Oct. 6, 2022

The Crown of Bogg

Hey Everybody! It's time for themed Halloween Specials!!! Sooooooo........Puppets! Specifically New York Puppets from the guy who made ALF! Want to watch some of those have a caper? No? Well....we did so you don't have to! En...

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Sept. 23, 2022

The Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald

Hey Everybody! This week we're doing a smartly timed associate episode that works alongside this week's Who Would Win Show! Who Would Win just did Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King and so we're doing the Ronald McDonald cart...

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