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April 30, 2021

Oops $BAN Did it Again

Oops $BAN Did it Again

Hit me baby one more time!

How could I not make an epic Britney joke when interviewing a CM from a meme coin?! Irrelephant Oops joins me to discuss all the amazing things happening in the #Banano space and how you can get some of that sweet sweet free crypto. Enjoy!

Oops' Socials:

Twitter: twitter.com/Irrelephantoops
https://chat.banano.cc - invite link to the Discord
https://daily-peel.com - newsletter and calendar
https://bananominer.com - folding@home
https://banano.nano.trade/ - Kuyumcu swapping (currently under maintenance due to nano spam)
https://bnswap.xyz/ - new competitor to Kuyumcu
https://www.cryptomonkeys.cc/ - WAX based Banano themed NFTs
https://creeper.banano.cc/network - block explorer where I mentioned things like confirmation times and the dev fund wallets and the coins they are holding

You can donate to help support the show at:

BAN: ban_3qrknjfmy33jspmzbssrbpskzdi8qibq9zztr6rn7kx8ai3yzyb8569fmfpf
NANO: nano_3qrknjfmy33jspmzbssrbpskzdi8qibq9zztr6rn7kx8ai3yzyb8569fmfpf
BTC: 39v3yrPDqm61LtyknESDAyAmGUGyuW3Kc1
ETH: 0xe5DCA0e80BF96Cb43fdb0d033a65461c8F8f9988


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Intro Song:
Street Race Rival - Oracle FM

*NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. Do Your Own Research and never hesitate to ask questions!!!

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