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Oct. 2, 2021

Notsofast Part Trois

Notsofast Part Trois

Notsofast returns for a third time to school me on NFTs and to help us all avoid pitfalls in the space. He also donated an original piece of artwork to help fund the show that I turned into 4 original NFTs and have listed on:

Ethereum: shorturl.at/zCKSW

Polygon: shorturl.at/hkzBQ

Solana: https://solsea.io/nft/919iXyW4ksmoA6miBD1H8GgsG1si5SzchZQ8pHxDRefE

Tezos: https://www.hicetnunc.xyz/objkt/372091

You can reach out to Notsofast on Twitter (especially to ask him about his amaing artwork!!!): https://twitter.com/notsofast

You can donate to help support the show at:

NANO: nano_3qrknjfmy33jspmzbssrbpskzdi8qibq9zztr6rn7kx8ai3yzyb8569fmfpf
NANO: nano.to/keywordcrypto (testing this out)
BAN: ban_3qrknjfmy33jspmzbssrbpskzdi8qibq9zztr6rn7kx8ai3yzyb8569fmfpf
BTC: 39v3yrPDqm61LtyknESDAyAmGUGyuW3Kc1
ETH: keywordcrypto.eth

Website: keywordcrypto.com
Facebook: facebook.com/keywordcrypto
Twitter: twitter.com/keywordcrypto
Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/keywordcrypto/
Youtube: youtube.com/c/keywordcrypto

Intro Song: Street Race Rival - Oracle FM

*NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. Do Your Own Research and never hesitate to ask questions!!!

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