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Sept. 20, 2022

166 How to Avoid the Annoying Podcast Mic Fade

166 How to Avoid the Annoying Podcast Mic Fade

Poor Mic Technique Could be Driving Listeners Away

You've heard of podcast fade (when eager new podcasters can’t keep up the pace and their show dies away), but I'm hearing a lot of podcast mic fade. This is when the host’s (or guest’s) voice slowly drifts off. 

Let’s talk about what this means to your listener - after all, the show IS all about them and their experience. In a best case scenario, the listener is let down as you start to fade away. Their excitement about listening is drifting off along with your voice. 

In a worst case scenario, they have to pull their soapy hands out of the water and dry them off so they can adjust the volume to hear what you have to say. Or, they have to stop mid-workout just to turn you up a bit. And then, to turn you back down when you are suddenly back on mic.

Picture them having them stopping your show and going to another show because they didn’t quite catch the last minute because while you were fading away, they were picking up dog shit with one hand and holding the leash with the other and didn’t have a spare hand to dig into their pocket and turn you up. Now that they do, they’re using it to move on. 

Seriously, picture it. You NEED to be thinking about your listener at all times. (If you can’t picture it, give episode 37 a listen). 

It's cool to be relaxed on your show but keep the mic close and keep your volume consistent!

Here are a few reasons podcast fade happens:

  • You start your show full of excitement and energy that you can’t sustain.
  • You aren’t practicing good mic technique (check out my youtube videos for help with this)
  • You get into your interview and sit back as the conversation gets going (moving your mouth away from your mic)
  • You’re reading notes that are off to the side on your desk instead of holding them up so that you can see them without compromising your mic position
  • And the most unforgivable causes of mic fade – you can’t be bothered to boost your voice in post!

The fixes for these causes of mic fade should be pretty obvious but let me lay them out for you just so that you have no more excuses. 

Start your show at an energy (and volume) level that is sustainable. We are all excited to start our show and sometimes we come in a little hot. Or, we’ve produced an intro with 110% enthusiasm and try to match that off the top… Which leads me to another fix for mic fade - don’t over produce your intro! I talk about this in Episode 23 - cue that one up after this one. 

Be mic aware. Always have your mic perfectly positioned. If you need to read something, move IT to where you can see it instead of looking at it. If you want to turn to talk to someone, do it with your eyes not your whole face. If you need to find something, stop recording (or walk away then edit out the silence) go find it, then get BACK ON MIC! 

Edit your show. We’re human. Sometimes our energy fades a little. Sometimes we get quieter as we go. Sometimes we screw up and lose ourselves in the process. It doesn’t need to stay a mistake. Fix it! Boost that part of your audio so the volume is consistent FOR YOUR LISTENER from top to bottom. 

Poor audio is one of the #1 pet peeves for podcast listeners. If you want your show to help you build your authority and your brand, you need to start by not pissing off your listener with podcast mic fade. 

The other reason people stop listening to your show:




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