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Just One Tip from Your Podcast Performance Coach

Just One Tip from Your Podcast Performance Coach

Your podcast is an extension of your brand. It helps potential customers get to know you and trust you. It positions you as an authority and thought leader so you become the obvious choice. At least that’s what it’s supposed to do. Too bad yours isn’t. Let’s fix that, in 5-minutes chunks.
Just One Tip is a podcast for podcasters looking to grow their authority and convert with greater ease. Host Tim Wohlberg is a 30-year radio veteran who straight up hears things you can’t hear in your show. As a podcast coach he helps entrepreneurs build better podcasts for their business or brand from scratch or can re-rebuild or pivot an underperforming show. In each 5-minute episode, Coach Tim offers up one quick tip that you can implement right away. From tech to content and performance to marketing – if you’re a business owner expecting your podcast to deliver some ROI (not to mention, ROE) then this is the podcast for you.
Not to mention grow your audience, generate leads and sales. Make your next episode better than your last starting now. Press play and subscribe.

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