July 3, 2024

Sister Talk with Viv and Becca: For Better or Worse! | Ep. 012

Sister Talk with Viv and Becca: For Better or Worse! | Ep. 012
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Juggling Life, Finding Balance

Welcome to SisterTalk with Viv and Becca! Get ready for a rollicking ride through the ups, downs, and sideways moments of life. In today's special segment of the Juggling Life, Finding Balance Podcast, Viv & Becca serve up a heaping dose of hilarity with a side of heartfelt honesty.

Becca's quick wit and open-hearted storytelling will have you in stitches as she and Viv dive into the world of beauty blunders and marital misadventures. They dish about makeup mishaps, hair-raising experiences, and those quirky moments of married life that they don't warn you about in the brochures.

Whether you're battling with bangs, puzzling over peculiar compliments, or invoking your wedding vows in less-than-glamorous circumstances, Viv & Becca have got you covered. This episode is all about finding the humor in life's little challenges and celebrating the bonds that get us through.

So, grab your favorite beverage, kick off those shoes, and settle in for some good old-fashioned girl talk. Your to-do list can wait – this sisterly banter is just what you need to brighten your day and lift your spirits. 




Vivian Cumins is a writer, speaker, and host of the Juggling Life, Finding Balance Podcast. She is also an Oklahoma native, a career professional, a military spouse, a stepmom to two adult kids, and a “Glammy” to five grandkids. Although her name means “LIVELY” Vivian admits she has not always felt lively. Her need to be perfect and in control led to an unbalanced lifestyle filled with work, self-inflicted stress and illness, depression, and anxiety.


In 2020, after years of striving and mental exhaustion, Vivian rededicated her life to the Lord and vowed to relinquish control and submit to God’s will. Her newfound faith and commitment were immediately put to the test when she had to trust God to provide healing from stage 3 melanoma. Though this was a difficult time, Vivian claims she would not change a thing. That ‘wilderness’ season, she says, delivered her from a prideful spirit, set her free from captivity, and taught her how to give up control and trust God, embrace imperfection, and recognize, then recalibrate, the unbalance in her life. Today, Vivian not only shares her testimony of preparation and deliverance, but she also provides valuable lessons and helpful tips for actively seeking balance, which starts with making time for God, taking care of yourself, and sprinkling in some good old-fashioned fun



Becca is married to her best friend of over 26 years; they have been blessed with three children,

three granddaughters, a bonus daughter (daughter-in-law), and a bonus son (son-in-law). She is a writer and co-host of the SisterTalk with Viv & Becca special edition of the Juggling Life, Finding Balance Podcast. 


Over seventeen years ago, her husband joined the Army and gave Becca the honorable title of “military spouse.” Although Becca has a career in health care, she loves being an Army wife and volunteering and mentoring military spouses. Becca also loves to laugh and meet new people. It has been said she makes friends wherever she goes. 


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