July 10, 2024

Balanced Hope: God’s Purpose Amidst Grief - Part 1 | Ep. 013

Balanced Hope: God’s Purpose Amidst Grief - Part 1 | Ep. 013
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Juggling Life, Finding Balance

In part one of this two-part episode, Vivian sits down with Tina Akridge who shares her remarkable story of faith, hope, and finding balance amidst grief. Through her husband Mark's battle with cancer, Tina shares the incredible ways in which they experienced unexpected provisions and God's grace. As they faced the challenges of his illness, they found strength in weakness and intentional living, ultimately discovering the power of surrender and the importance of forgiveness. Join Vivian and Tina as they explore the profound impact of faith and determination, and the beautiful lessons learned through hardship. Stay tuned for a deeply moving conversation as Tina shares her courageous journey.




Tina Akridge is a mother of four adult children and a widow, married 25 ½ years to a beautiful man who loved God and loved his family unconditionally. When Tina married the love of her life, Mark, they never knew they would receive the terrifying Sarcoma diagnosis. She and her children have had to deal with the ripple effects of cancer that one never considers until they are forced to. After eight years of battling cancer, Mark passed. Tina has walked through addiction with their son, the effects of trauma on each of their children, and the reality of losing her beloved companion. Through it all, Tina has remained steadfast in knowing God was faithful. Through beautifully written blog posts and her newly published book, Grace in Grief: A 100-Day Journey Exploring God’s Tender Response to Loss, Tina shares God’s grace, faithfulness, and presence and helps others to find their purpose amidst grief.


Website: https://tinaakridge.com/start-here
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Instagram: https://instagram.com/tinakridge



“I am a believing, strong, faithful Christ-centered woman, but that threw me [upon learning of her husband’s cancer diagnosis]. And I think a lot of women need to know that just because you get thrown doesn’t mean you don’t have faith at all.” - Tina Akridge



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