Best podcast for section hikers and hiking enthusiasts

I’m glad I found this podcast. I listened to every episode in under three months. Jester offers a calming and relaxing tone with routine laughter as she provides great detail and explanation of her hiking experiences. This show is very informative with respect to a vast range of hiking guests and great gear reviews. (Including Dan Durston!) I only recently got into hiking and have aspersions to one day through hike the AT. Those dreams will have to wait since I have a family and a mortgage and that’s ok, I get privilege to complete trails in sections. Jester models how to successfully plan for and complete section hikes. I truly enjoy how she is relatable to those in the hiking community as she tells it how it is including the challenges and hardships as well as the successes. Please give this podcast a listen and I know you will appreciate it as much as I do.

Dec. 5, 2023 by Hiker Kevin on Apple Podcasts

"Jester" Section Hiker