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Louder Now is about making a loud noise about mental illness and all things related to mental health. From topics such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, exc. Louder Now also seeks to merge the gap between faith and science. An exploration into Christian thinking alongside the knowledge of body and biology. Mental Health can be a complicated subject and so can the bible. How do you walk this life and carry the weight of both subjects? How do you reconcile the messages of faith, hope, and most of all love yet suffer with sadness, loneliness, and isolation that comes from mental anguish. Perhaps the worst of all sufferings is the suicidal mind. Come along for the ride and join the Louder Now Podcast and host Jared Diehl to explore this conversation in more depth. Podcast includes interviews from various voices and friends that have been willing to be courageous and speak up about their own struggles. For more information or to be a guest on the show or for any added comments and questions please email Jared at loudernow88@gmail.com.