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Dec. 8, 2022

What is Spirituality?

What is Spirituality?

This episode is a little different to my normal solo or interview formats. In this weeks episode there are 5 different offerings that answer the question What is Spirituality?

Three are from humans and two are channeled - one The Ancients.

We cover:

  • the relationship between spirituality and self love
  • where the ego and physical reality fit into the process
  • a linear understanding to the role of spirituality
  • an invitation to view yourself differently for the week.

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What is spirituality? Spirituality, what spirituality means to me, what spirituality means, and your spirituality. Well, hello. Welcome to episode, episode f of episode five. Fine. Of the podcast. It's not woo, it's. And before we dive into this week's episode, I want to let you know about my solstice offerings.

When I was wondering what to offer for this solstice, it felt right to extend the normal time of the consultations from 60 to 90 minutes, but keep the same price. Felt like a perfect opportunity to make the use of the in between. Energies that arise around solstice and just really to give ourselves permission to take up more space, take up more time to really dive deep into what's in our light and dark unconscious.

So that's what our strengths are, that we're kind of devaluing or not recognizing. There are powers and abilities. Our gifts and our heartfelt dreams. Having the consultation with the as tends to take years of therapy , and they're able to quickly assess. How you are really feeling about something and what you really believe.

So get to the heart of the matter really. So if you want to find out more about that, you can, on my website, I'll put a show links down below in the no Won't I will put links in the show notes for you. But if you wanna go straight there, it's carra wilde.com/consults. But if you just go to car.com, you'll find it really easy.

So there you go. I have nine slots available between now and the 21st of December. As long as they're booked before the 21st of December, I don't mind if you take them in the new year. If you've got any questions, just email me or D and me. All right, so get booking cause there's only nine available and then I'm closing them down for the new year.

So, Mo weeks episode. What is spirituality? So I had this whole idea of what this podcast was gonna be about, and I was gonna explain and explore with you my idea of spirituality, which I define as. A primal and mystical spirituality, but I'm gonna save that exploration for another episode because when I sat down to channel the A's I'll be sharing their definition on the podcast in a minute, they weren't really quiet on me.

Know, and I just thought, hmm, how rude. But I was really curious because nothing was really flowing and I just got this general sense that they were a little bit bored by my question. I mean, how rude, um, , but I know them and I thought this is an invitation to be playful and to get even more curious. So I just sat there and I felt into the gap between me and the message that was coming.

It's really hard to explain what happens. Anyway, I was just being with it and I really got. Message they were trying to give me that it's not that they were bored with the answer with the question, it's just almost like there's no need for an answer and. There's not even a need for the question, though.

There is. Anyway, I will offer you their definition in a moment and then you'll see what I mean, and I'll be interested to hear whether you have the same reaction that I did and I'm also, this episode's a little bit different because rather than me talking and. Including you in this evolving conversation, which is what I've normally been doing up to now.

I'm gonna offer various different definitions of spirituality. So I think there's four altogether. There might be five. Let me think. There's mine coming up soon. There's the ancients and then there are three listeners that. Have emailed me with an audio clip of their definition and I will be sharing them.

And one of them is a channeled message, one of my exudes, who's now a channel in our own right. And I'm just gonna be offering them, gonna be mixing up and just listen to them, let them float through your body and see what wants to stay, see what doesn't. And then if you want to offer your own. Version of spirituality after you've listened to them.

Please feel free to email me your thoughts or leave comments in the podcast page. So mine, mine first. It's my podcast. I get to do mine first.

So ultimately spirituality for me is a process of going home. And I don't mean like I used to mean when I was fully immersed in being a star seed, when it was just like, get me off this planet. Now. That's not what I mean. What I mean by going home is returning to a place of oneness or returning to. The truth of who I am and only I and Source know that.

So ultimately, spirituality to me is me cultivating my relationship with source energy whilst fully embodied. In physical reality. So I don't agree with a lot of spiritual teachers that say that you had to transcend ego. I think we need a healthy ego to function in physical reality or else would've no sense of individuality at all, which is part of the purpose of being here

So, I believe that we need an healthy ego that's only supposed to give us feedback about what we're creating in physical reality. And again, I'll go into that more in a different podcast. But ultimately, my journey here in terms of my spirituality is a return to the knowing of who I am, and that's between that knowing and that journey is between me and source energy.

Everybody else that shows up are just players. Beautiful players, some of them players that I'm gonna want to be with for many lifetimes, I think and probably already have. And for me, spirituality is about shortening the gap between me and source. Now, I know outside of time and space there isn't any, and who really knows what it's like in the non-physical when not here, but as I sit with my eyes closed, thinking of how I want to explain this to you, I can feel.

that the truth of who I am lay in my heart and my relationship with source energy flows from that heart space. And sometimes I feel at one with that energy as much as I possibly can while I'm here. And it's just reminds me of that Julian of Norwich saying, which is all shall be well. All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well, and it's just this bliss state that's a mystical element of it for me, and there just feels like no separation between me and that state.

And I've had quite a few glimpses of it in this lifetime, but this lifetime I would like my journey to be. Learning how to constantly live in that state. Cause according to the aids, that's when miracles happen. Anyway, so that's my definition is the a's definition.

All right. Spirituality is a human made concept because from our perspective,

You are simply an aspect of oneness and an aspect of all that is having a physical experience. With the intention of joyfully creating that which you wish to experience and learning how to become God goddess, like in your ability to play with physicality, to manifest form, and to get to the point where you can consciously create new thoughts.

Thoughts, powerful enough. To create wonderful form. And so in your physical reality, is it Aden experience of creation so that you may learn more fully with the slowness of your manifestations. You can deliberately break down, analyze computate what needs to happen. What hasn't happened? What can happen in your manifestations, in your production of physical form, and that's all there is to it.

Your consciousness experiencing thought form in a dense experience of duality. So for us to speak of spirituality, we have to assume your mindset, your perception, that physical is real and you have to learn about spirituality. But really all you are doing is remembering what already is. And so from that perspective, our definition of spirituality simply is, A return to the truth and the awareness of who you really are.

Consciousness in oneness with all that is.

You are loved in peace. For now, we beat you farewell. And the next definition is from Adam Hartley, who is a healer@firecresthealing.com. And Adam's definition includes the linear path of awakening somewhat too, which I think is really useful. So listen in. Uh, so for me, spirituality is a journey inwards and a discovery of the various different layers, uh, within myself and ultimately discovering all of the different things that I am not.

So what I mean by that is, um, to start with we think we are our thoughts and feelings, and gradually you start to realize that actually we're not, these things, these things that just pop up into our head. And then as we work on ourselves, we discover that, um, these thoughts and feelings are driven by. Uh, past traumas, past things that have happened to us.

And so we start to work on those, um, and realize that we are not defined by these past traumas. And then as you work further, you start to realize that sometimes you're influenced by things that didn't even happen in this lifetime. So past life stuff. And start to realize that, hang on, I'm not this body.

I'm not this, uh, this present mind, but I'm the soul traveling through different bodies and minds. Um, and. You know, if you start to channel, um, or heal or you know, do some kind of high dimensional stuff, then you realize there's other entities out there and that we're all part of this great, elaborate spiritual system.

Um, and of course the final step is you realize that all these different. Uh, spiritual entities out there, including myself and everyone else's, all just are different facets of this one ultimate, uh, being. That being the the source of course. So it's a journey inwards and discovering all the things that I am not.

Next up is Esther Lemons and I highly recommend their podcast 50 Shades of Gender. I've been a guest on the podcast before, and if you are interested in. Really good deep dive discussions around gender inclusivity, body positivity, body dysmorphia, sexuality, all that juicy stuff. Then go check that podcast out.

I'll put the link in the show notes and here's Esther. What spirituality means to me is not just that reaching for enlightenment, as we all know, but as they say, like before enlighten. Fetch water and chop wood, and after enlightenment, fetch water and chop wood. So it's very much integrated with the 3d.

But also I think as you've been saying in your newsletter, Carra, it's very much about just letting ourselves experience joy and following, following, following our bless, even though that is a bit overused, but yeah, like, yeah. And also authenticity. That word is, but I think that's what it's all about. And also letting.

You know, so-called negative emotions, be there not bypassing anything, not toxic positivity or spiritual bypassing. You know, it's like letting all the things be there and integrating that and accepting and just wholeheartedly loving all of it. So, to me that is what spirituality is. I'm sure it will evolve as well, cuz it usually does, you know the definition, but that's what it is at the moment.

And the final definition today is a channeled definition. The beings being channeled are the mother ones and the channeler is Jewel Webster. I've experienced personal messages from the mother ones, and I've found them to be a transmission of deep truths that seem to really touch me. So enjoy this one and let it move through your.

We would like to explore a little, the concept of spirituality and it's linked to self love. You are spirit, you are loved, you are love. You are of love. You are surrounded by love. When you come to this planet of density in so many areas, sometimes some of you can easily disconnect from that love. The bottom line of your journeys is to reconnect to.

Feel and know that you are spirit. You are spirit who has chosen to come to this wonderful, wonderful place and enjoy all that it has to offer. Once you begin to really give yourself permission to enjoy. All that it has to offer in your own particular life. You will realize that you are moving in a plane, which is so connected with self love and all spirituality.

We feel the terms are actually interchangeable. You will be able to look at even the most difficult situation and do, do not think that we. Estimate the huge difficulties and distresses that so many of you go through. But when you have moved into the space where there is no judgment surrounding these things, you will find that your comfort level.

Increases exponentially. It is really about becoming comfortable and trusting whatever is going on in your life. If you could breathe with us for a moment and breathe in the energy of your spirit, right, and put your hands out if you wish to receive your wonderful, wonderful. spirit and bring it more into your heart.

You can move your hands towards your heart and to feel and to breathe and to remember who you are. Your spirituality is you and your spirituality is of. Love self-Love is first and foremost, generating self love, sharing self love. Being self-love can do more for a planet than anything else. So I hope you enjoyed those collections.

Offerings around the definition of spirituality and that it's helped you reflect a little more on your own path and your own journey. Before I leave you with final thoughts, a quick reminder about the 90 minutes for the price of 60 that's available. Um, one's been sold as I've been recording this podcast, so head on over to car wild.com and if you want to have a channeled experience with the ancients and whoever wants to else shows up, then get that booked now.

So some final thoughts to leave yourself with. I think we've kind of covered the fact that we are born hardwired to the divine. and then we get conditioned out of it. And a spiritual journey perhaps, is just the uncovering of what's always been there, and it's about living in harmony with the physical world.

We were made to walk upon this earth in innocence. So my invitation for you for the rest of this week. Is to walk this week as though you are a blessing in the world and where your ego is to be in service of your soul.

And I will see you on the next episode. Bye.