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Nov. 23, 2022

Episode 4 If Trees Could Talk

Episode 4 If Trees Could Talk



Holly's Podcast

Cara: Hi Holly. Welcome to the podcast. 

Holly: Thank you so much for having me on again. 

Cara: Thank you for being the first, first guests on the new podcast. So excited. Hey, and we, I get to talk. I was thinking this morning, I get to talk about energy, channeling and nature. I oh my God, what a bind

things talk about. So, okay. So I've, I mentioned on the introduction you are all about at the moment, one of the things that you are all about is communicating with trees. Yes. So do you want to just start off by saying how you view tree communication, and obviously. I see it as very the same as channeling.

But do you see it as the same as channeling? Like how do you define it? Yeah, 

Holly: I definitely see it the same as channeling because it's, you know, trees obviously don't have vocal cords, so you're not hearing a physical voice. It's very subtle. It's kind of an internal voice that I get, but of course not everyone gets a voice.

You might get images, you might get symbols, you might get feelings, you might get Kind of feel emotions that aren't yours and that's kind of your sign that it might be coming from them. You might be able to write down the message of the tree. So there there's, it's a very subtle communication and there's so many ways that you can receive their messages.

So it's not, it's very much a channeling it's, it's not like having a conversation with. 

Cara: So I think you've just said the word there, that kind of summed up the differences that it's all on that subtle energy realm. So whether we're talking about reading some body's auricfield, or the energy may be of a stone circle or something like that, then trees sound like it's very much the same.

It's just all on that subtle energy realm and you have to kind of tune into. 

Holly: Absolutely. Yeah, 

no, and I think that's why some people might struggle in the beginning cause you really have to slow down as, you know, connect, just open up your awareness and then once you get the hang of it, I mean, I, when I go running, sometimes I'll talk to the trees and I'll just say hello, and, you know, have like a light conversation as I go by.

But when I first got started, I really had to sit down and slow down and listen, 

Cara: so, okay. So it sounds like your skills have evolved over time. So, so could you tell us, like how did it start? When did it start? Did, did a treat, how did it start? 

Holly: So I used to get these weekly Akashic records readings for my friend, Vicki young in the states.

And what she would do is you would sign up for a month's worth of a cash records readings, and she would tap into your Kashic records, get a really kind of targeted, detailed, focused message for the week, like what you need to focus on for the week and then send it to you. And so this one week I got this email from her and it said, The next time you go on one of your walks, go up to the trees and talk to them.

You put your hands on the bark and sense their energy sense of any of your shockers are activated and just start talking to it. And I remember reading that email. Seriously. Like, I don't know how to do that. What, what are you talking about? But I did it, so I was out before, 

Cara: sorry to interrupt, but, so what made you do it?

Is it just because you were following the guidance or did it connect with you? 

Holly: All the messages that my Kashic records keepers ever sent me via email or by one-to-one sessions or whatever? They were all spot on. I mean, they were always, they always resonated, even if they were weird like this, I thought. For some reason they're telling me this, I might as well do it.

Cara: Okay. Okay. So you trusted the source then? 

Holly: Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. 

So it was out on a walk and I went up to a tree and I touched it and I connected with it and it said it's okay. And I was like, what? And so then I walked up to another tree and it said the same thing. And I was like, I have no idea what's going on here.

So I kept on walking and I got like, And I kind of got turned around and then I started to kind of get anxious. And then I thought I had never been in this woods before I wasn't anywhere near home. So I didn't have any references. I didn't have a map with me for stupid reasons. And I just started to panic.

And then I remembered what the trees had said. Oh, maybe it's okay. And maybe I can ask a tree. So I went up to this little Birch tree and I, I said, you know, please, can you help me? I'm lost. How do I get back to the trail? How do I get back to the route that I was on? And it told me it was like, go back to here, take a left here, take it to the left.

And you know, it gave me very clear directions and I followed the directions and I got back on path. So that was like, well, wow. 

Cara: Okay. So I've had something similar with the A's with renew when I've got lost in a run. I think we said that before, but there's so much in that one part. So, so they kind of gave you the message in advance.

They knew what was coming and, and wanted to reassure you. And then that also gave you the so-called, you know, in quotes evidence, maybe. So, so how did you know in that moment that it wasn't. Your own internal guidance or did it not matter? Like what, I have a sense that there was something that felt different to you or something.

Holly: I didn't even question it because I was lost and I was panicking and I, someone gave me information and so I followed it. I'm absolutely someone who's a skeptic could argue that some part of my brain remembered how I got lost. So then I could add one that to get back. Possibly that's a thing, but I really, I just really felt lost and confused and anxious.

And I just trusted with the trees then 

. Yeah. It's 

Cara: hard to access that part of your brain that can remember where you got, you know, can you remember things when you're, when you're anxious like that? But my sense is you were talking about it is that you felt held, 

Holly: I felt supported, supported. Yeah. I really felt supported by the tree.

You know, I spend so much time out in nature, either walking or now running or doing outdoors courses. And I just feel really connected to the trees in particular. I've always loved trees and plants. And I just felt like, you know, they've seen me walk down trails and, and they wanted to. 

Cara: So would you, would you say that a connection with trees is always been a part of your life looking back now, or?

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I grew up in a house with a very big garden. We had trees in the front, we had trees in the back and there's this one tree in the front garden that I remember. I always used to climb. And and I would sit in the different branches. It was a carob tree and it had these big thick branches that you could climb up and just sit in.

And I used to pretend that different branches were different rooms of my house. 

I that's so cute, 

Holly: I really love that tree. So. 

Cara: Does that tree have any kind of spiritual meaning? I'm just curious as I 

Holly: write, that's a really good question. I've never, and I've never known one of those trees since and sadly it was cut down because it was lifting up the street and everything around it because of surface roots.

But Yeah, that was a big part of my 


Cara: Yeah. I it's just I'm remembering a a tree workshop that I went on and the facilitator that was saying that, I mean, we were working with the energy of trees and I was in that place. I was not yet. Right. Okay. But then I had a lot of direct experiences that showed me I needed.

To be humble yet again. But, but one of the things that he said was that quite often, there is a tree that's followed you around you and Willow was the tree for me, but I'd not seen that. So I just wondered, but this sounds like it was kind of a one-off for you. That was. Significant or what, not necessarily able to follow you around cause you've followed, you've gone into so many different countries in your life.

Holly: yeah, no, I've never, I've never known another tree of that species, 

Cara: so. Okay. So when you come out of the woods and you'd recovered, what was what was your reaction? How did you reflect on it? What did you do with that experience? What happened. 

Holly: I mean, it was kind of like, I can't believe this just happened to me.

Like this is. While, like, how could, how did I do this? But I was, I was already channeling at that point, I had done your channeling course and you would help me with channeling. And so I played around with that. And so I was already kind of familiar with talking to unseen energies and in a tree is so much more tangible in that way, because I feel like I'm communicating with the tree spirit, but I have a physical body that.

To communicate with. 

Cara: Okay. Yeah. That's interesting. So how, how does that make a difference to you? Cause I suppose it could be the same for people that want to work with stones or crystals or something. So how does that make a difference either it's physical. 

Holly: I just think it makes it easier because I have this living being in front of me that I can see as I talk to it.

Whereas I think for me with channeling spirit guides, which I don't do as much as I'd like to. I know they're there. Yeah. But I don't see that. And I'm a very visual person, so I think it does help to have the being there 

with me.

Cara: Okay. So one of the things that I get asked a lot about is how to.get a channelingPractice going.

Yeah. You know, and I, and I think that's really interesting what you just said because you, I mean, you talk to trees a lot, but you're in nature a lot. And so you get that visual cue or maybe we should just encourage people to draw their spirit guides or something and put it on my wall. I can remind that.

So, so, okay. So you had already been. Working on that subtle energy field. And you've done a lot of my energy where it like Pych k K and things like that. When you, so you used to work in, in that realm? Yes. Yep. So did you want, what happened afterwards? Did you want to run around to speak to every tree or did you like just leave it for awhile?

Holly: I think I left it for a while. I mean, I think I had kind of superficial conversations with trees here and there, like, Hey, hi, you know, how are you? That kind of thing, but I didn't really get into it until that that tree gave me the idea for the book. And that was when I started taking it 

seriously. Okay.

Cara: So how did that come about? So the book is the, if trees could talk. Yes. 

Holly: So I was, I went on this forest bathing. With these people. I didn't know. I've never seen them since. It was a lovely meetup that it just hasn't, I haven't coincided with their dates. But we went to this place called Newland's corner, which is about 15, 20 minutes from where I live.

And it's beautiful kind of hillside with a view, but then it's got this old oak. Woodland. So we were walking, doing the forest bathing thing, connecting with our senses to nature. And then we got to this, this Grove of Yew trees and they said, go pick a Yew tree and just connect with it. And so I immediately, my eye was caught by this tree and I went over to the yew tree and I started touching it.

And it said to me, you know, you're working on a book. I was working on a novel at the time, which hasn't happened. And it said you're really struggling with it. And we have an idea for a book that would be easier for you to write " Trees have Storiesof stories and people need to hear our stories. So you could collect our stories and put them in a book.

And I was like, oh my God, that sounds amazing. And that was in, I think, January and it was quite cold through the winter. And then I started, I think it was the first day of spring. When I started collecting the first. So, 


Cara: Again, what made you trust that? I know we've talked about the fact that you were used to it, but there was the, it sounds like there was something I don't know.

Maybe no, 

Holly: no, no. You're absolutely right. This is like, I remember I got home from the forest bathing and I went to my husband. I was like, oh my God, I had this idea. This tree gave me an idea for a book. Like I had this so much energy and I was like, this is so amazing. And, and it was just. I felt in my body at the second I'm getting choses.

I tell you the story. The second, the tree gave me that idea and presented the project to me, it just felt in my body so exciting. It was like, this is the next step on my path. This feels right. This feels fun. It feels juicy. It's like, oh, 

Cara: it just felt so. Oh, great. Yeah. That's how you know it's for. Yeah, absolutely.

Okay. So trees have stories. I love that. So so there's about a thousand questions going through my head. So the first thing, what do you think, trees? What do you think trees wanted to know how overall like they all have? Is there a theme that's maybe different from perhaps spirit guides or stone circles or are they all saying the same thing?

 So there 

Holly: were two kind of overarching themes to the stories the trees had for me and the messages that they gave me. So one of them was that they generally genuinely want to help us. So they want to help us connect to nature so that we can connect with ourselves, have better lives. Be more respectful of the planet.

So I really got this message from many, many trees that, you know, they want to help us, but they also through helping us want to help us respect the planet, which of course will help them. The other overarching theme that I got from them was slow down. Slow down, you move too fast. Was I heard that so many times.

Because when I was working on this book, I was also doing this, this project called walk a thousand miles where you set the goal of walking a thousand miles in a year. And, and so it was walking, walking, walking, walking, walking, and not always. I less, I was receiving a story. I wouldn't necessarily pause to sit with a tree and connect.

And even when I did it really, you know, I really had to make that conscious effort to just slow down my energy and connect in that way. 

Cara: What, what are the benefits that you've experienced personally from learning and how to slow down your energy? That way? 

Holly: Stress reduction, anxiety reduction. It just, it really helps me to kind of get off that treadmill of do, do, do, do, do, and just 


Cara: It's so interesting. Isn't it? That all the messages from nature just seems to my language is that they just talk about embodiment. . That's like being in our body's is being present, being really physical. That's where our true power is and that's where our connection to self lays and connections to others.

So how, how do you think that being connected? This is a big question and we could do a whole podcast on it. So just like skim the surface of this one. How does being connected with nature, help us connect with ourselves. Do you think, in fact, I think you have a podcast on this. Yeah, I think I might, yeah.

Okay. Sorry. Go on. 

Holly: Yeah, no, I think it's exactly what you said. It's that embodiment it's, it's slowing down. It's connecting with all of your senses. It's connecting with those subtle energies and through that, getting to know ourselves, getting to know our wants and needs and preferences and through connection with ourselves.

Cara: So the trees connecting to the trees is not just about receiving their stories. It's helping you to understand your own story. 

Holly: Yeah, absolutely.

Cara: Okay. So I want to go back as well to something that you mentioned when you were talking about getting lost and that you were being guided, you know, the first time that you heard the messages from the trees and how that links to.

Like I have this, this almost like guilt. Well, I think we all walk around with this environmental crisis guilt and, and this idea that we should constantly be doing better. It's our fault that the planets in this state, and I know from a psychological point of view, that is not the place to be taking my action from.

It's not the place to be live in a. When you're trying to find a healthy solution. And so do you think when it's, when you said that the trees are here to help us. There's I'm a spiritual guy after, I can't remember his name off the top of my head, but I'll link to it and link to him in the show notes.

But he teaches an African spirituality and talks about as being like the planet wants us here. The planet wants us here. And that was a huge shift for me. And then there's an author, Matthew Fox who talks about as being the original blessing rather than original sin, because I think we can go around and carry that idea that we're inherently wrong.

And I'm just wondering if you've had an experience with nature where it's like, they want nature wants us to be here to be celebrated. Can you just riff on that a bit about your experiences? 

Holly: I definitely feel that I just feel like we've made very bad choices up until now, and that doesn't mean that we can't make different choices in the future.

I have a teacher that says that he thinks that the golden age of our planet is still to come, but of course that depends on what decisions we make and politicians make and lawmakers make and, and all of that. And I think it depends. Much more on the leadership of the world rather than individual people.

But of course, individual people are the ones who vote for the people making decisions. So it's, you know, it's up to all of us. But I think we need to start making better decisions on a much higher level. 

Cara: And I think if we can play, like if we can. Heal that guilt and shame about being wrong and broken, then that's part of it as well.

Holly: Yeah, I absolutely do not get the sense that nature thinks that we're wrong and broken. I think they just think we've been making very bad choices 


so have the trees actually said anything specifically about, have you asked them about it 

 I asked them about kind of the bigger questions of. Climate change and what to do and things like that.

I had one tree, you get very upset about people leaving plastic in the woods and encouraging people to, when you walk, carry a rubbish bags that you can collect other people's rubbish, which you've seen me too. 

I have that.

And I had another tree talk about, you know, think about what you can do to make the planet a better place. Again, I don't think recycling is going to save the world, but I think when we do recycle rather than throwing something in the trash, that that makes us more aware of. Y, you know, the importance of the materials that we use and, and things like that.

Cara: So when one tree was really annoyed and what are the, like, what other personalities do you experience personalities? 


Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So this, this one tree I was in seven, eight forest and I was walking and I could, the tree was calling me. But I didn't know where it was and I'm walking down this path and I'm trying to kind of get a feel for, for where it was.

Holly: And I made a turn and there was a, I was a can or a bottle or something, and I just walked right by it. And then when I got to the tree, it was like, what did you do that? And I went back and I got the bottle and I carried it, packed it out with me, but, but he was just very annoyed and like, Just very ranty that tree.

But I had this other tree also in seven forest. The, the original queen. Oh, who was just, I love that tree so much. And every time I go back to savernake, I, I always make sure to walk by her. She's in the middle of, in the middle of nowhere. So you really have to kind of go out of your way to get her, get to her, but she has so much joy.

She's this really ancient veteran Oak who. Kind of dial back her crown because she's so old and she's just trying to survive and she's crumbling and she has so much joy. Her energy is just delightful and her chapter is all about finding your joy in nature, whatever brings you joy and yeah. And she's just such, such a delightful tree.

Cara: I was going to 

ask you what your favorite trees were, but I think you've just kind of answered that. Or do you feel guilty thinking, 

Holly: oh yeah, I do feel guilty saying there's a favorite, but because there are trees that I've visited much more. And so I kind of feel more of a connection, but her energy is just gorgeous.

And it's, it's such a contrast because I get sad every time I look at her because I realized she's dying. She's not, she's not doing well. She's not going to be here much longer. And yet her energy is just so 


Cara: So the physical form is not going to be around for much longer. And do you have a sense


Like where does tree energy go? But obviously you should know this. You are the tree expert. You should know everything. 

Holly: Well, that's a really good question because the very first tree that I, I spoke with for the book. Is not alive. And that really confused me. So the very first year that I spoke in the book is this old Oak tree that's dead, but it spoke to me and it gave me a story and I sat with it and then it had some greenery up in the top.

But I think it's, I think it's other trees that are kind of their seeds have fallen. And so they sprouted up there. Because I actually wrote to someone from the forest, your commission, and I sent a picture of this tree and I was like, what is this tree? Cause it looked like a no, but it didn't have any bark.

And he was like, well, it's a dead, you know, particular Oak. And I was like, I can't be dead because I talked to it and, and the sensation that I get is that they stay alive through, to the fungal systems that connect the roots of trees. They stay alive. It's a spirit of the trees. So it's just because the physical form is gone.

Doesn't mean that the spirit is gone as well. And they kind of stay connected through. Through their form, whatever that is, whether it's standing dead tree or a trunk or a whatever. But that was, that was a huge shock to me because it was like, how did I speak to this thing if it's not alive? 

Right. Okay.

That is not sustained in the same way.

Cara: Okay. That makes sense. And I just want to circle back to the idea of like trees have been personalities or themes, and they are conscious beings themselves are on their own evolutionary path. And so sometimes I think as well when certainly when people think about channeling and when I talk about high level guides and and that.

That wisdom and guidance is always loving. it it's not, get someone else, you know? But. The definition of love can be let me just find my language here. There's a difference between being nice and, and, and so I bought very clear guidance come through when I have not been listening and not paying attention.

And I always say it's like The A'sjust like, push me on the shoulder, sit me down and say this. You need to look at this. And it's very firm and very clear. they don'texperience anger, but there is some late disappointment maybe, or, you know, and then thinking that's interesting to what you said about the tree.

And I remember you know, the one that was angry, you're not picking up stuff. And I remember, I don't know whether it was just because I was with you. Because I don't normally pick up messages from trees. I can't say that I've tried to flowers to do and stone circles obviously, but when we were at Avenbury and I, I was, I was having this particular challenge in my life where I was feeling disempowered, disempowered, and we were walking and walked past this tree and it grabbed hold of me, energetically.

You remember? Cause we recorded it, but the message was almost like don't you dare. Ignore your power. It's like stand in your power and stand tall. And I think that's interesting if people think about doing this to themselves, that they like they can get. I don't know if you want to contribute to decide those as well, but they can get really grounded, basic, detailed information about improving their lives.

It's not just about spiritual, esoteric guidance. It's really practical. 

Holly: Absolutely can be depending on what you're looking for and what you want. 

Cara: Yeah. Okay. So, so if you so can anybody talk to and communicate with. 

Holly: Yeah, but it's like any other skill, you know, you might not get it on the first go. Yeah.

Cara: Okay. If you needed to like, well, from what you were saying before is now when you run in, you can pick up messages if you go past. And that is because you've practiced. You've, you know, you've, you've obviously practiced cause you've channeled a book. So before we go on about all the people, what do you think is the biggest changes have happened since you started.

 Working with tree energy. I mean, you've been on TV. I going to say, I was like, girl, that's so cool. 

Holly: Yeah. I would say it's, it's just a deeper connection to nature. It's it's being aware of. Of the spirits of nature, being aware of the unseen, you know, it's like people, you know, I'm not, I'm not talking to your hair, to your skin.

Like I'm talking to your spirit, your soul and with nature, it's the same thing. So it's not just as beautiful tree or plant that's sitting there. It's. Spirit. So I think it's, it's having that connection has just added a new layer to my outdoor adventures and 


Cara: Okay. So it's, it's give it more depth.

Holly: Yep. Okay. Yeah, absolutely.

Cara: And you've increased your sense of connection to nature? 

Holly: Yes. And it's encouraged me to slow down. So again, rather than like walking, walking, walking, walking, getting in my miles. And since that year I have not done the walk a thousand miles check. 

Cara: Well, you've cost you've run 


Holly: True. True. I'm actually thinking about doing the miles and miles and 


and miles and miles. Yeah. But, but I haven't felt the need to kind of, to do that. I think because I've spent more time slowing down and doing things, slower things in nature in addition to running. 

Cara: Right. Okay. So. You might not be able to answer this because it just might not be a very good question, but I'm just wondering if I can see how it's made a difference for your connection out in nature.

And I'm wondering about whether it's made a difference to your everyday life. That's not in nature. You know, the fact that. I work at a desk you're on your own business and you, you know, do all the usual things in life. Has it impacted that at all or not? 

Holly: That's a really good question. I'm not sure, you know, and opened me up to different things. So the year after I, or the year that I published the book, so, which was the year after I collected the stories, I did a plant spirit healing apprenticeship. So that was working with plant spirits for healing. And so obviously plants, you know, you can have in your office.

And so I'm surrounded by plants even though I'm not going outside. So I think, I think it has made me aware of the importance. Being surrounded by plants and trees. I don't know. I'm not, not sure if I'm answering your question, 

but yeah, yeah, yeah. I would have that. They were working with the plants there.

Cara: It was just the next natural step then connecting at that and then that's hope opened up a different relationship with working on that realm. That's gorgeous. So so. Yeah. So you think that anybody can, anybody can do this? 

Holly: Yes, absolutely. I think that as long as you're, you're interested, you're curious and you're willing to put in the time, again, it might happen on your first go or it might take some time.

But since I wrote the book, many, many people have been asking me to write a book on to teach them how to Channel trees and work with trees and communicate with trees and working on that book. It's going to be another channel book, but in the meantime I've created an online course to kind of walk people through the steps and be able to guide them and be on hand for them to ask me questions.


Cara: okay. So what do you think is most important thing for somebody to know when they first start? Other than don't be disappointed, if it doesn't happen the first time and keep practicing, what else do you think they need to know? Just 

Holly: follow your intuition. You know, a lot of people ask, well, how do I know what tree to talk to?

Is there a tree that's that's kind of peaking your interest or, or calling you, is there a tree that always catches your attention when you're walking down a trail or when you go to a park go with that tree, because there's a reason that your attention is drawn to it. So. Yeah. Trust your intuition on, on making the decisions and trust your trust, your intuition in receiving the message, because I think three communication, like channeling is very much an exercise in self trust because it's so easy to doubt ourselves, you know, am I making this up?

Is this real? Am I crazy? Like what what's really going on here? It can be really hard in the beginning. And so I think. It's a great way to, to practice self Preston, to cultivate self trust. 

Cara: Okay. So, so this is kind of circling back around to something else that you've said is as well. So what do you think.

Have the trees got a collective purpose or a purpose in relationship to the rest of nature or, and a purpose connected to us, or they're just here doing their own thing. Dry sense of that. I think it's a 

combination of things. 

Holly: As I said before, I really do think that they want to help us. Not all trees, of course.

I think some trees can be kind of grumpy some threes, just aren't interested in talking. And that's another thing. So always ask permission, ask consent. Don't just go up to a tree and expect it to talk to you, ask it, you know, you wouldn't want to have to a person in the street and just strike up a conversation.

You know, ask if it wants to talk, if you're not getting any communication, ask if it wants to talk, cause not all trees are interested and if it doesn't, don't take it personally and move on. But a lot of trees, you know, do want to help us. So I think they do have that kind of collective mission of helping us live more in alignment with nature, live more in, in balance with nature.

Cara: So I that's interesting. And I think you make a really good point that people experience it in different ways. So I know for me sometimes I went, I've been on the hikes and I've been like, thinking about a specific issue or mulling over a certain topic. Then certain aspects of nature kind of light up.

There's a light around them. And I often associate that with more Fey energy and I might go to that place and see what's there and I feel into it and see what's coming up to that. And when. Going on hikes. There's a particular, there's a lot of what I call guardian energy rocks down here. I mean the so old where I live in Cornwall, but I've walked past and I felt like once a rock has grabbed me and given me some information and then I felt into it.

So I think it does, they do capture our attention in different ways and it's a real privilege, so, okay. Would invite, I know people we need to. Trust, we need to get enough information so that we can trust. We can't just blindly trust, but I'll really like your approach is to do it with respect and reverence.

And that it's a privilege that we're getting access to that realm. And then I think we can start treating ourselves a little bit more like that. And then when we're in relationship with somebody else, and maybe we can. Feel of me. Am I being respected? Am I being treated with that kind of respect? Because I know for me, channeling has been like him.

My relationship with my guides has been more like a template for how relationships are supposed to be. Do you have anything like that happened with you with trees or 

Holly: really good question. I've never thought about it like that. But yeah, it definitely has made me more aware of. You know, just making sure the connection is there and being respectful.

However, I think I got a lot of that from Psych-k . Like the, my Psyh-k instructors were very much about, you know, being a facilitator you're equals with their clients. Consent making sure everything's okay. Not having your own agenda. And I think that's, that's a big thing that I took over into my tree communication, which has then helped all of my other relationships as well.

Cara: That really good point. That's a really good point. And we need more of that in that way, rather than. Yeah. The whole conversation about online coach has been in that rescue mode. I really liked, I really liked that in terms of that equality and, and respect and Skillshare in that. So I'm just trying to imagine, I don't know if you've imagined this, but I'm just trying to imagine what it would be like.

Yeah. Thousands and thousands of people were connected and communicating with trees. What do you think the difference would be? 

Holly: I just think we would be a much happier people. I think we'd be more connected with ourselves, more aligned, more aligned with nature, making better decisions for our own personal lives and for the world.

I think more people would step up to, to help nature whether that's volunteering or protesting or what, you know, whatever needs to be done. Donating money to causes well, you know, whatever it is, but helping more 

Cara: so. And, and how would you see if, if thousands of millions of, or if we all communicating with nature, how do you see that impacting how we communicate with each other?

think there would be a lot 

more respect. Yeah. 

I'm a lot more, as I said, you know, equals people kind of throwing away that agenda because so many people, when they're engaging with other people, they have this agenda. Like, I want you to do something. I want you to say something I want, you know, I want something out of you rather than coming at it as equals and being like, well, would you prefer this?

Or would you prefer that? And then being okay with the fact that the other person has a preference So I think, I think we'd be much more collaborative. 

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So there's something there about night unity and, and when you feel that connection at that level, you kind of really instinctively know that we impact each other at that level.

And I have thisbig bee in my bonnet, but I'm sure there is a link between the unprocessedtrauma of mass consciousness and psychic energy and the environmental crisis. So that makes sense. Okay, so we want to. We, we want to see as many people as possible channeling and communicating communication from nature and feeling more connected from nature.

So if anybody listening to this is really interested in learning more from you and about your course and how they can do it for themselves. Where can we find 

Holly: you? My website is placed to go. SoHollyWorton.com/secrets because the course is called secrets of tree communication.

and if you want to read the book it's available online, wherever you purchase books, it'scalled "

Cara: If Trees Could Talk". Okay, so I'll put the, I've just spoken over you there. So I'll just, I'll put the link in the links in the show notes anyway, and I personally would like Holly has got so much resources though.

Her website I'd really encourage anybody to go over there and I love following you on Instagram. Hi. Because not just because of, you know, the, the connecting with trees, but your whole relationship with nature and you post pictures on there of things that I didn't even know existed in nature. So, oh, I have one last question.

I don't know if you've been able to travel much for obvious reasons, but have you communicated with trees in different countries or just this. 

Holly: That's an excellent question. Yes. So this one time I was interviewed by this Ireland Irish talk radio station because they saw my TV appearance and they reached out and said, we want to talk to you.

This is such a great appear. So fantastic. Cause they had, they had a person on Twitter getting questions from people as we were live on the radio. And someone said, do the trees of Ireland have a message for. And I was like, oh, that's a great question. So I paused and I kind of connected long distance and I asked them that question.

I don't remember what the message was now, but, but they did. And they had something they wouldn't be to say to people. So that was really lovely, but that's the only time I've ever. 

Cara: Okay. Okay. There's a lot. That's interested in that as well about not having to be physically present with something in order to get that energy.

And okay. So I was going to ask if, if there's a sense of a different theme or a different vibration or a different Sense of collectiveness from different places in the world, but my guess would be 

Holly: yes, but I don't have enough experience 

to answer that. Yeah. I think if energy's a local to land, just really.


And I think, I think the energies of the land affect the energies of the tree. So I once got this email from this woman who said, do you know that trees can be evil? And I was like, Hmm, tell me more. And she was staying at this place where this, there was this tree that she felt was very kind of violent and imposing and angry.

Terrible at, and it didn't sit right with me when she told me the story. And I was like, I don't think that was the tree. And then I ran it by my mentors and need, who taught me the plants for healing apprenticeship. And I said, I think it's like a land problem. And she said, yeah, it's on the tree. It's the energies of the land.

But it's, she's perceiving it as the tree. Cause that's. Easier for her to understand the, you know, it's a problem with the land. So apparently they went back to her and she said, yes, there's a problems with the land. I think a bunch of trees had been cut down and things that happened on the land. And, and so that made absolute sense.

Cara: Right. So it might've been calling out for help, you know, in a way some land clearing. Okay. All right. Well, thank you so much for that. I really enjoyed talking with you. I listened to talking to you. I'll see you soon.