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Nov. 10, 2022

A new view of channeling?

A new view of channeling?



How are you listening to this? I have three main ways, driving, cooking, running. Can't sit still.

The type of channeling that I do, which I am now beginning to call embodied channeling, and that's what I teach. I just wanna explore all these concepts and ideas because I think there's some limitations about the way that we think about it. I think you probably do it more frequently than you know, and I think it's for everybody.

So let's dive in. So let's just think about the different kinds of channels. So what we mean traditionally, what we mean when we say channel is a person that works with a collective or a high level guide and allows them to speak through them. So traditionally we, when we talk about channels, we tend to mean verbally channel, We tend to mean.

That there is a separate entity that has some information or some guidance that they want a person to bring through into physical reality. And so a person says yes to being that channel. So without the physical being, the non-physical being can't exist, can't exist properly in physical reality. So, We are literally a channel in that way, and that's what traditionally it means.

So for me, those of you that have been working with that had known about my work for a long time, you'll know that I originally started working with a collective called Aurora, and then. Quite a few years ago now, it was with a collective called The Ancients, and so my front facing  like business face, they're the ones that I talk about channeling.

When I get into a session with somebody or in my own personal life or with friends, it's not just the ancients that I channel or allow to come through me. Mostly when we're talking about channeling, we are talking about verbally channeling, though there's some people that do it with automatic writing.

Some people bring music through and light language. So, but normally it is associated with a translation of the energy that you are feeling. So when you're a channel, you are being, you are interpreting. A vibration and anybody can do that. So you don't have to be verbally expressing it in order to be a channel.

And I'll talk about that in a little bit with you. But the, the piece for me that makes somebody a channel is that they're interpreting those non-physical elements that we are all immersed in. . So remember we go around thinking that physical reality is the, is the real, and the other stuff is not so much, and that it's, it's not real and it's a bit weird.

or. It's just non-physical, but it's like it's not real because we can't see it, we can't touch it, we can't feel it, we can't bang against it, and we've got that inside out. So channel beings, my mistakes have been saying and and science is now beginning to show us that the physical reality is the illusion.

A very convincing one, and nonphysical is more the real world. So everything that we experience in the physical reality is a projection of what's true in the nonphysical. So that's a whole other topic for another time, but I just wanted to, to say that up front because then it's gonna help you to understand everything else that I'm saying.

So there are various types of channels. The more famous ones are that I know of are Jack Perel, who's been channeling a collective of beings called Lazarus since the late seventies. And , I know a lot of you enjoy Lazarus and have fond memories. It is one of the most loving beings that I've ever listened to.

There's A different type of channeling is. Oh, I can't remember his name. Come on. Darryl A who channels bha. And BHA describes himself as belonging to a hybrid race, another race, and now starting to talk as though they are Darryl's future self. So that's completely different from something like Lazarus.

There's Wendy Kennedy who channels the play. Deans a collective of beings that are specifically associated with the playin realm and star seeds. And then one of the most famous ones that kicked it all off was Seth, who was channeled by Jane Robbins. And if you listen to some of those old Jane Robbins recordings when she's channeling Seth, it comes through so slowly.

And I think, you know, it's, she picks up a word sometimes and then a sentence every few, every five minutes or so. It's really slow. And then when you watch somebody like Esther Hicks channeling Abraham, now, it's just really quick. Even though I'm sure that some of the clips are edited and a lot of time is kind of taken out.

It's completely different from when you listen to Jane Roberts. So and another one of my favorites are in Inder Bend. And they are, they describe themselves as beings of light. So there's various. Different entities that can be channeled. And the way that the channel interprets the frequency means that every channel is completely unique.

So do channels, channel dead people and ghosts. Well kinda. I think there is a difference between Ching and mediumship. So way back when I was formally trained as a medium and the whole premise of mediumship is proof of proof of life. That's what I was taught. So you here, dead people, ghosts, spirits that have passed over.

Definite personalities. And then give messages to relatives, loved ones. And the whole idea of mediumship was it was about proof of life, showing that life continues, that the dead relatives have not really gone anywhere. They're just in the net room next door, and that's beautiful. And so when I was practicing as a medium, it's a very different experience to be in a channel. - Madge story. 

So channeling tends to be associated with wisdom and guidance and teaching that wants to come through from a higher level than the personality of a spirit that's just passed over. But when I've been channeling, I do feel different energy streams. I think I said earlier that the front facing aspect of my business shows me as a channel for the ancients because it's their messages really that I want. 

To put out in the world. And predominantly when I am channeling, that's what people come to me for. And I channel the ancients and some of my clients have got a particular fondness for that energy stream, as do I. But that's not the only thing that I channel. So the weirdest one was when my granddad came through from my mom.

So bear in mind, I spent a lot of years as a medium. By accident sometimes just being able to pick up on spirits, and spirits would come to me to pass on messages. If I was with a stranger and there was a spirit around, it's like, Oh, here's a person that's willing to do it. And they would come and I would receive a message and I'd offer it.

Don't do that anymore. And so, I picked up messages from my granddad when he first passed over, but when I was channeling him for, my mom didn't know this was gonna happen because I'm not sure I would've agreed to it if I realized he came through as an energy stream, and the best way I can describe it is lost his personality.

So it lost, It's like a higher aspect of image come through or a wider aspect of him of being able to come through. And he was able to give my mom enough information so that she was reassured it was from his personality, but also shared some aspects of their life from now his different vantage points.

His higher vantage point. This also happened with the energy of somebody's pet. I could see that it was an animal that was wanting to come through, and I just got a really strong impression of what this animal was like, what their personality was like, and I interpreted that and I spoke that out loud in a particular way, and it really landed for.

For the client. Whereas if I was a medium, I would probably see that visually and then say things like, Oh, I've got somebody something here, or somebody here that looks like this. And I would get it from more what's called clairvoyant point of view. I would see it in my mind's eye. So for me, there's definitely a difference between mediumship and channeling, predominantly the way that the messages come through, but also the reason for why it's there.

Channeling is associated with spiritual growth and soul purpose - the intention is very diffeerent people that are wanting to expand their awareness. Wisdom that wants to come through. It's a teacher guide kind of energy. Whereas mediumship can have guides coming through for sure, and guides that want to be with people, but it's more about proof of life, not, it's not black and white in that way, but that's the tendency.

So I think channeling is a way of life, and so bear with me. I've been trying to get my thoughts around. I don't know how cohesive they are, so just bear with me a moment, , and I'll do my best to explain what I mean. So for those of you listening who. Some of my friends are gonna be listening to this, I think, who are also my peers, know what I mean?

When they say it's a way of life, it's just that connection to the physical nonphysical is just a constant companion, and channeling is a way of life because we are interpreting. Higher frequencies. I hate the hierarchy of that language, but I can't think of any other way to say it. So some, some of my friends work with flower energies and flower essences, like backflow remedies, that kind of thing.

And for me, they channel. The flowers they bring through their messages, they get a hit on how they can be used, what their medicine is. So herbalist probably are channels too.

And there are various ways that we can channel this subtle energy field that we are all exposed to. And again, traditionally we're. Tend to taught, that tend to taught . There's a tendency to teach that the Claire sensors are our psychic abilities and that some of us have a more dominant sense than the other.

So let's talk about class senses for a moment. The clear sensors are just an extension of our physical senses of, you know, the sight, the smell hearing sound, taste and then it goes onto the sixth sense, which most people know, which is intuitive or knowing.  and we tended to, We tended to talk. I keep saying that we tend to get taught that we have one of those sensors that is more dominant, the others.

And whilst I can see why people say that, and I know what that me what that that's true. I. It's really important to remember that we all have access to all of them, and the Claire just means light. So it is the subtle aspects of those sensors. So, for example, when we think of sight, you know, it's like what we can see with our physical eyes.

I can see curtains, I can see a lump, I can see. An orchid, I can see a carpet, I can see them really clearly, and then the clear of that sight sense is quite often known as clairvoyance. And so that's the lighter aspect of my seeing ability, The more nuanced and. Those of us in the field tend to call the it the subtle energy, so, If you think of like the main sensors that we get taught that we know, so this is sight, it's quite dense.

Physical reality is dense. So when we see things with our eyes, there's a density to it and we don't see everything that we know that is around and about and out there in the same way that we don't hear all the frequencies that we know is around there. I can only perceive certain. Light frequencies with my eyes and there's more available.

We know that there is so physical is quite dense. And then when we get to the Claire, it's an extension. It becomes lighter/, finer more subtle it's more nuanced, and that's where we start to subtle, We start to sense the subtle and we kind shift. How we're using that particular sense. So with sight, it shifts from just seeing everyday normal objects into clairvoyance, which is seeing past, present, future visions or seeing the subtle energies of ORIC field or energies.

Some people can see meridians, some people can see all of the auras around plants and animals. and you can train yourself to do this, it's a skill So it's all one sense. It's just the, There's a continuum of it. So I believe that we're all born with all of our clear sensors open, and I'll go into more detail about the different clear sensors. So I think we're all born clairvoyant.

We're all probably born being able to see our past lives, our future lives, see visions of parallel futures and realities, and we get conditioned out of it. It's like Matthew Fox. Ugh. One of my favorite authors, Matthew Fox, says that we are all born mystics. We just get conditioned out of it. And what I believe we are, we are all borns wanting that connection and direct relationship with divine, which is what?

We're conditioned out of it because it's not real, is it? And so even if somebody doesn't tell us, Stop doing that. You know, it's not real. Ghosts aren't real. You know, you're not really seeing anything. You're not really feeling anything. No, I'm fine. No, I'm not angry what you're talking about. I'm fine. I'm fine I can vividy remember seeing my bubble friends from my cot. 

And so we start to doubt ourselves and we start to dismiss ourselves. Even if we're not told something that we're directly experiencing is not real or not true, we are taught what the world is around us and that's dense physical reality. And so we just kinda lose connection, some of us more than others.

And I think in terms of the dominant sensors, some of us for very, you know, I think also we're all born really sensitive and then we close that down because it's just too much. And some of us stay open for various reasons. And I think for some of us that had intense trauma when we were a kid, we have a dominant, perhaps we have a dominant Claire Sentience or Claire knowing it's called you just.

Something you just, your intuition's really strong or a clear feeling, so you feel other people's emotions, and it's because you're hypervigilant. And so you have to be able to be in touch with the onset, the unseen, and that's predominantly unseen and unspoken emotions and feelings because. You have to be in touch with that because the, because there's a, there's a huge disparity between what's being said and what's really going on, and you just wanna keep rise out in case you're have to like run or get outta the way or respond in a particular way to appease and keep the peace.

So I think that's one reason why somebody experiences a, a dominant sense over the other. They're just used to using it. So as I go through these different sensors, if there's one that you think, Oh, I really wanna do that and I can't do it, I would invite you to just think it's probably because you haven't practiced it.

you haven't practiced it. So I'm having singing lessons at the moment, and because I'm being taught by an instructor who knows my instrument, my body is my instrument and teaches me to hold my body in a different way. I am making sounds, I had no idea I could re make. I'm reaching notes. I had no idea I could sing.

And so it's the same for all of our sensors. So let's just very briefly go through the sensors, and I'm gonna give you an example from my own life, cause I think examples are quite helpful. And then we'll tie it all back to channeling. So the most famous one, which can often be the, the least common is clavos.

So a clear sense of vision. So a psychic site, and.

So they are the seers amongst us. They can be remote viewers. I had an experience of this when I was talking. To a friend of mine on the phone, I could very clearly see that he had no clothes on. And I said, Can you please put some clothes on? And he went, How the hell, How the hell do you know that? So I didn't see everything.

I just saw enough to know that he was naked. So just saying there was that I don't do remote viewing. There's, there's the typical isn't there of.

There's more famous remote viewing that was used in the war. And if you are having vivid psychic dreams, you can see premonitions from the future that come true, or you can see dead relatives that come, come to you.

So that's like clever audiences, like when. It's like there's a movie screen in front of you and you see things that way you, and that's how you start to then interpret energy that's been given to you or messages that's been given to you.

I think the other part of clairvoyance as well, like I've already said, is that you might start to see ORIC feels and energies you might if spirit. If nature spirit is wanting me to know it's around or it's got message for me,

then quite often trees or shimmer with a, with a certain color, there's a light around them. All the, the colors of the nature objects that I'm looking at become heightened. That I believe is a form of clairvoyance. There is Claire Gustin. I don't know that I've ever had this one. It's a clear sense of taste, so when you're picking up a message from Spirit, then you can taste blood.

If they've died you can maybe taste the things.

So another one is Claire Gustin. So when I was researching the different Clara sensors, well, cause it's a long time since I've thought about this. I came across Claire, Claire Gustin and I just thought this was really interesting. I can't say that I've actually experienced this as a medium. One of the examples it's given is if somebody came through and they used to cook with garlic all the time, then you could probably taste that.

I was at a medium gathering . I was at

Then there's Claires salience, which is a clear sense of smell. So that's, this has happened to me quite a few times. So my granddad, when he is around, I can smell pipe smells. I've quite oft, I've smelled coal before, really strongly. I've not always been able to pick up the message that was coming through from a.

but definitely being able to smell smells that weren't supposed to be there. And that is a sign of a spirit being around you. Again, this is not strictly channeling, but I'll bring it back around to channeling in a minute. And the thing with the smells is that they're never around for very long, just enough to get your attention, and that's what makes a difference.

Clear audience, a clear sense of hearing so you don't hear things necessarily in a voice that's not yours. And this one, I think, can be the most confusing and quite often can scare people in my experience. So I have a background of working in the fields of addiction and there was an overlap pretty strongly with.

The mental health field and people that were self-harming because voices were telling them to do it. So that's very different from what I'm talking about. So it comes through. You can sometimes hear voices in a voice that's not your own. But most of the time it's hearing thoughts as though they were your own.

They just come in quicker or they're louder. So I've had occasions where I've heard other people's thoughts when I've gone to visit him, I've heard their thoughts and I've checked it out, and I don't like that. I really don't like that. I don't wanna be picking up up other people's thoughts because, I mean, I don't want people knowing what my thoughts are.

I don't, We don't want. We don't want that. We're not ready for that as a race. We can't control those thoughts that just ping into our head. We're in a soup of thoughts, and not all of 'em are our own , and not all of them are from spirit. The other way that this one works is through hearing a song. So we kinda get messages from hearing songs that are meaningful to us on the radio.

Or this happened with me. I was going to meet a boyfriend. This is when I was a teenager, and I'd been away for a while. He'd been away, and on my way there, I heard this song. One Sarah ran to you. Now I ran from you, and I was just, Oh, this is not gonna be good. Like I was really aware of our spirits communicated really me, and that was a sign that something was coming up and it was, there was not good news waiting for me and I needed to run away.

I needed to end that relationship. So, yeah. So some people get messages from songs. Loved ones sending songs or spirit making you, or you, Maybe it's just you paying attention to the lyrics. It's just what you needed to hear right now. Don't don't dismiss that.

Clear cognizance. That's just a clear sense of knowing psychic insight. You just know something's happened. This is really strong for me. So I felt this when I.

Sometimes you just know. You just know things. This is one of my strongest ones when I'm working with a client. Sometimes I know something really good is about to land in their energy field. I can just feel it or I just know what's gonna happen. I just know which is the right choice. I just know something and there is.

There is a pattern to the knowing It's a felt sense. At the same time, some people call these downloads. I think that's what people mean when they say downloads, but I just know and they can just, One example is, again, with a partner. Do you know, Is this when I use it the most? But They were moving out and I'd gone away and we weren't, I wasn't sure what date they were moving out and on my way home, I just thought they're going today.

I just know it. They're going today. I could just feel it. A decision had just been made and I was just in that moment of like, just in the receptive node of knowing that that's the day that they were gonna leave. I wanna go home. That was confirmed. So that's one thing. Claire sentence. I think this is probably really common in everyday life. So you. This is when you have a gut feeling about something. But the other way that this manifests as well is being able to feel other people's emotions, feel other people's pain. It's quite often linked with being an empath, so.

This was one that was the strongest for me when I was training as a medium, in fact, learning about mediumship, this helped me understand what the hell was going on. So I would quite often pick up people's headaches and as soon as somebody said, Oh yeah, I've gotten aheadache, it would go I can feel my kids' illness now even though I don't want to

I've learned to stay centered in my own energy. So I don't do it as much, but I think this is just how we're supposed to be. So, another way that I feel it is I can feel this, somebody's energy's sluggish and I kind of have a, like there's a color that goes with that as well sometimes. But what's really interesting is when somebody is deep in addictions, , their energy can just feel like glue to be around, really like glue.

I think that might be called psychological reversal in eft. I think that's what I was feeling there, so that I think people get that one a lot. Yeah.

And then there's this one called Claire  Tangency. So I know this one best as psychometry. And this is when you are able to pick up a physical object and you can know its story, you know where it's come from. Let me give you an example. So I'll give you two. One of them is when I was training to be a medium, we would all have to put a physical object on a tray.

It would get covered up. Nobody would be able to see this is a cool party trick, , nobody would be able to see. Who's who the object belongs to. And we had to pick it up and then start to say what we were seeing and sensing and the story that we are hearing. And then people had to say whether they identified with it or not.

And that's just really, really, really cool. And it's really interesting what can come through. And then another example I have added this is my dad was a musician and he brought home this like family hair loom and it was. Piano, or it was an organ, so one of those really old ones that still worked with pedals.

You had to pump the air through the organs in order to play it. It was just, and it was beautiful. It was huge. And as he brought that in, I just got hit with the information of the owner, how they died, who they were, what gender they were. What it was they died of, what kind of personality they had. And I could feel it, see it, taste it, sense it, all of it in one download.

That's how Psychometry tends to work. And then my n confirmed it cuz she knew them so. Yeah, if you've ever like picked up somebody else's ring or something like that, tends a piece of jewelry because it's normally on the person quite alike, soaks up a lot of their energy. If you are sensitive to that, then.

You might start to pick up their feelings or something that's happened to them the last time that they wore it. So they're the main ones. Isn't that cool ? Aren't they just really cool to kind of play with? Oh my God, I used to have so many, like when I used to do it in person events and we used to get together for meditations evening, I would do all sorts of things like this with people to, for them to experience their clear sensors.

So I hope that's giving you some, I think that's what we're born open, born open to, and then we can dial it down or turn it up. And I think that's what we are. Some of us are kinda learning how to control that even more and play around with it. And that's what I mean by like channelings a way of life. So if you think that's kind of mediumship or psychic development, it's just an extension of who you naturally are and who you naturally born to be.

And then for me, as a channel, I can, I don't know how anybody. Experiences it. I'm definitely a conscious channel, so I stay really present. I'm in a very light trance. So I gonna just briefly tell you about the TRAs. Some people go into such a deep tra that they're unconscious. So Jack Perel, who channels Zaist, has no idea.

What he is channeling. The first time it happened to him, he had no idea that he'd done it. He thought he'd just been to sleep. So he has to listen to his channeled sessions. , after he is channeled Lazareth class, he has no, oops, I dropped microphone. He has no conscious awareness of what's been spoken through him.

Not for me. I'm not, I've been not one. And then I saw somebody go into trance. It was used to be called Transmedium. Yeah, Transmedium. And again, it was in the spiritualist churches and this guy just went into this really deep hypnotic trans like state and started making these noises and shouting.

And I just thought, there's no way Not on your Nelly, am I ever doing that? And look at me, this being talks through me and changes my voice. Hey ho. So. I stay in a light trance. I'm really conscious. And so I just wanna share what my experience of being a channel is. And this is why I think it's a, it's a way of life.

Cause a lot of the time, what's starting to happen now is I do it with my eyes open and I am aware of both the physical and the non-physical at the same time. And just the other day when I was walking and channeling at the same time, I could see. I could see the information that was getting channeled from the non-physical, and I could see the bushes, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, that's a bit hard to describe, but normally I close my eyes and I go into just a relaxed state and then the a's come through and my experience of being a channel, it's like all those sensors that I've just described to you are all operating at the same time. So what comes through my work, through my mouth are just the words, and that's the best interpretation of everything else that I'm experiencing that is available to me.

So all this happens in split seconds. I'm not, it's. Always a conscious choice of the words I use, although I can change them and I can stop it at any time. But it happens so quickly that it doesn't feel like conscious choice. But as a channel on the inside, I am seeing things. I'm feeling things like emotions and pain, physical pain.

I am seeing pictures of people, events, colors of energy. I'm hearing the words and particular words and tones. And sometimes I am smelling things. I don't think I really taste things, but all of those sensors are opera, a operation at the same time. And what I am learning is the reason why I say what I'm doing is an embodied channeling is the more embodied I become.

So the more. Connected to my own body and my own physical senses. The more I'm in tune with how I'm really feeling and what I'm really thinking as a channel, it's a richer experience. So I, my body is a conduit for the vibrations that want to come through. You might just hear the voice, but there's a lot more going.

There, and that's my experience when I teach people, not always, and not everybody wants to do it in this way. For me, embodied channeling is the way forward. So there you go. I hope that was useful and interesting. If you are a channel, I'd really love to hear what your kind of experience is like. On the inside.

I look like there's just words coming out my mouth and my body moves, and they're very animated, but it's just magic on the inside. It's just a really rich experience, so I would love to. Your experience, What do you think about the difference between mediumship psychic stuff and channeling? I mean, it doesn't matter.

All you need to know is you are picking up information, and if you wanna share that in whatever way feels comfortable for you, please do like, please share anything that you pick up, because I think channeling, particularly at the moment, is a way of letting, letting humanity know that we are not alone.

You know that there are nonphysical beings and our unseen friends that want to help us and supporters and guide us and lovers. So the more of us that are able to pick up that level of subtle energy, whether that's through nature, spirits guides, archetypes. Animals, whatever, wherever the wisdom wants to come, Wherever the love wants to flow, as long as it's a loving tone, a loving message, and it's empowering, share it , please don't hold back.

And if you want to, Learn how to verbally channel and do body channeling. I have a course over@carow.com and you, it's a self-study. I also offer mentorship particularly if you want the professional development side of it. I kind of use my background in training and supporting counselors and Reiki students to help people with that.

And then finally, if you want a channel session and to. Have that experience and to get some clarity and some guidance and some wisdom your way, then that's available there too. So yeah, hope that's helpful. And that was really fun to be back on the podcast. Really looking forward to the rest of the shows.

If there is anything about the Woo, remember it's not, it's real that. Want to know more about anything that you'd like me to expand on in this from this episode, please just email me@carracarwild.com. So that's C A R A C A R A W I L D e.com. And I'll see you soon. Bye for now.