Season 1

Feb. 7, 2019

S4 E02 You Can Be Right, Or You Can Be Happy

Oh so close but yet so far. The Truesome Twosome look into how it feels to be right, even if you don't want to be. The Royal Rumble is discussed briefly. Last week's ep should have been called "Spoiler Alert". …

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Jan. 22, 2019

S3 E23 The Kat in the Chat Strikes Back! (ft. @Kat_Chinetti)

In the season finale, the team gets to wind down with our new best friend, the SPITFIRE KAT CHINETTI! The Main Bane and Kit Kat start with her many fandoms, which leads to her cosplay background and somehow ends up …

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Jan. 14, 2019

S3 E22 The Powwy Awards (Ft. Nancy Lam, Young @DustyHWillyIlapow and …

It's Award season and it's time for the brightest and best of 2018 get the shine they're due. Categories include: -Finesse Playa of the year (Scammer of the Year) -The Golden Du-Rag -Rest in the Most Peace -Meme of the …

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Jan. 8, 2019


We're six days into the new year and changes are happening. But the more things change, the more things stay the same. Your Truesome Twosome reunites through the miracle of low-res Skype video. But you'll get the picture whe...

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Dec. 25, 2018

S3 E18 Christmas is Cancelled, Kids

The Main Bane has to go it alone this week as everybody has been scattered to the four corners of the earth during Christmas Eve Eve. Armed with his new ILaPoW gear and Thot ass Santa hat, he tells you …

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Dec. 9, 2018

S3 E17 When You're Right, You Write

This week, we welcome Sci-Fi and Cat enthusiast, Writer ME Lysette to the Castlevania Home Office. After a lengthy discussion about pretty much everything, we focus long enough for M.E. to tell us how she grew up and her inta...

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