ITAD Podcasting

Sound Brilliant

We're excited to have you as a guest on the ITAD Talk podcast!

We want you to sound as brilliant as you are.
Part of that is as simple as making sure you have a clear phone connection if you're calling into the show.


Production Rule #1:
A quiet environment is required. Make sure all potential noisemakers are turned off or taken care of ahead of time (phones, kids, pets, window AC, etc.)

Production Rule #2:
Do not use a speakerphone if calling into the show. 

Production Rule #3:
Do not move objects or bang upon the table if recording in person. It’s amazing what the mic can pick up.  

Production Rule #4:
Do not lean back in your chair if recording in person.  Maintain a consistent posture. Otherwise you are quite literally turning the volume up & down on your own voice. 

Production Rule #5:
Do not plan.  You are a subject matter expert.  So is Jeff.
It's a conversation. You have them all the time.

Production Rule #6: 
Have a glass of water nearby during our chat. (pro-tip)

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We're going to have more fun than you expect!
Thanks for joining us for the ITAD Talk podcast.


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