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May 26, 2021



It’s a subject that very few of us are willing to talk about. But we all should.

One in ten kids will be abused before they turn 18.

Child abuse happens everywhere. It affects kids in every school, in every neighborhood, in every town, everywhere in the country.

But unless we talk about it, it can never be treated and never be prevented. So we’re going to talk about it.

CARE House of Oakland County presents the podcast named for a simple fact – It Shouldn’t Hurt To Be A Child.

Oakland County, Michigan is like the places where a quarter of Americans live. It’s The Suburbs. CARE House is the nonprofit children’s advocacy center dedicated to treating and preventing abuse. 

We take you inside the organization’s work to learn how abuse doesn’t have to define a life and how a community can rally behind a cause to help keep kids safe.

Only through conversation can be begin to address this problem and help our kids.

It Shouldn’t Hurt To Be A Child.

((Made possible by the generous support of Sheryl Hauk))

For more on CARE House of Oakland County, visit https://carehouse.org/