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Dec. 14, 2021



Today, we meet Rio, a mom of an 11 year old daughter.  Rio walks us through how an online predator found her daughter Sophia, befriended her, and manipulated her.   Sofia thought she was in a relationship with a girl her own age, not an adult man.  Fortunately, Rio and her husband found out what was happening before the predator could find a way to meet Sophia in person.  

CARE House, the local child advocacy center, provided specialized counseling for both Sophia and her parents, as they worked through the trauma of what happened.   This episode is a few minutes longer than the others in this series, but contains important information for parents whose kids are online.

The "It Shouldn't Hurt To Be a Child" Podcast is narrated by Karen Newman, and is made possible thanks to the generous support of Sheryl Hauk.

CARE House of Oakland County Website: https://www.carehouse.org/

CARE House Phone Number: 248.332.7173

Find a Child Advocacy Center (CAC) Near You: https://nationalcac.org/