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#107 - Navigating Work and Relationships in your 20s

Most books about the post-grad years are written by psychologists and business leaders who offer recommendations based on their professional expertise. While helpful, it is rare to hear the voices of those currently living through this season of life. 

That's why I spoke with Cate LeSourd, the Author of Coming of Age. Her book exposes the realities of the pivotal transition from college into adulthood from the perspective of other twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings.

Based on a survey sent to over a thousand individuals nationwide ranging from college seniors to those in their early thirties, Cate LeSourd uncovered their common experiences and emotions during these tumultuous years. Coming of Age: Our Journey into Adulthood examines the impact of this life transition on our careers, relationships, finances, community, social media, and mental health.