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Love it

Love the format and incredible interviews. Very big guests every 10 episodes. Check out Landon’s other podcast, Venturing in VC.

A MUST LISTEN. Fresh and new Points of View

Landon is absolutely a natural behind the mic. His fresh perspective and this unique format is exactly what the podcast space was missing for young founders. I highly encourage you to subscribe and pay close attention to what Landon is doing.

This Podcast = Cheat Codes

So happy I came across this gem of a podcast. The concept is unique , the format is just right, and Landon is a natural behind the mic! There’s not many podcasts you can binge-watch and not feel bad about. Feels like these people are giving out the cheat codes to 20 year olds and it’s just getting started. I’m excited to watch the growth and I’ll definitely sharing with friends!🐐📈

Worthwhile listen

A podcast for everyone, but especially for those in their 20s. Exactly what I need!

Great perspective

Landon brings forward a great outlook on maximizing your time and resources especially when in your 20s, listening to this podcast gives me the drive and motivation I need to take my days by storm

Incredible podcast

Landon delivers solid episodes every week and I can’t get enough! Amazing guests and interesting captivating conversation from start to finish.

A natural podcaster

Landon is a natural while interviewing people. You can tell right away he knows the right questions to ask, how to react and respond with an even better question in the moment and just keep the conversation going. Have learned a lot of valuable information from his pod and a lot of tips and tricks to use as I am still in my 20s.

InTheir20’s is going to be huge

Not only is the concept for InTheir20’s genius - but it couldn’t be spearheaded by a better guy. Someone smart, mature beyond his years, and with great people skills is leading this ship right to the top.

Best podcast with great host

Amazing and insightful interviews. So glad I found this podcast. Joe Rogan officially has competition.

How is this Free?!

Landon, is one of the brightest people I’ve meet. His platform is a resource for all, and everyone needs to check out! Cheers!

Schools should start introducing it!

In their 20s gave only the juiciest content from the best players in different industry. I listen to all the episodes that’s related to entrepreneurship. Being able to hear from ppl like ED, jason, Steve Wozniak, it’s just powerful. Feel like I saved couple years of my life.

Top notch show!

Landon is a killer host and does a great job bringing on amazing guest. I love how he focuses on humanizing these celebrities. He does an amazing job painting their story and not just their accomplishments. Must listen to show if you’re in your 20s and excited about what the future holds for you.

Raw, Insightful and Practical.

Landon does a great job navigating through interviews and naturally keeps the conversations flowing. Thats not an easy task when you’re talking to individuals of a higher caliber. This podcast is at the cusp of becoming prominent (in my opinion, it already is).


What a great idea for a podcast! As a 20something I am always looking forward for new episodes!

Awesome podcast

Very important advice. Great content.

Great Resource

This is an amazing resource for colleges students/grads trying to get a good idea of what the professional world is like, they interview people of vastly different experiences to give you multiple perspectives. Highly recommend!

Brilliant! 📚💡📈

This podcast will be a household name within a few years. Landon is an excellent communicator. The people Landon interviews are incredibly successful. It’s such a privilege to be able to listen to these forward thinking individuals with each new podcast. I can’t wait to keep learning through through In Their 20’s! Thank you kindly Landon! We appreciate you!

Great podcast

Favorite podcast for Gen Z!

Wonderful Podcast

This podcast is a necessity to anyone who seeks the motivation, knowledge, and advice to become the best version of themselves. Not to mention the diverse array of industries, fields, and interviewees that InTheir20s features.

My go-to

This podcast is extremely useful for someone entering their twenties, and the hosts do a phenomenal job!! 10/10 recommend :)

In My 20s

Very influential, comforting, & offers good advice from successful people. People of all ages can learn from this supportive, wise advice. You can tell how driven Landon & Michael are.

Amazing Hosts

Landon and Michael do a phenomenal job having interesting people from all different backgrounds sharing some of the insights behind their own success.

Authentic and Has genuine truth

Enjoyed listening to the conversations! It’s cool to hear people’s stories and what’s funny is it seems like the success is from large ideas which inside them are packed with habits that they used to create their success! Awesome stuff!