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June 18, 2021

The InTheir20s Spring Intern Podcast (Episode 3)

Welcome to the InTheir20s Spring Intern Podcast! On this week's episode, our intern Hajra Bibi spoke with her fellow interns about the importance of building a personal brand. The interns share their personal insights on maki...

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June 10, 2021

The InTheir20s Spring Intern Podcast (Episode 2)

Welcome to the InTheir20s Spring Intern Podcast! On today’s episode, our intern Victor Calcanhatto asks his colleagues about their work experiences in the real world. The interns talk about their best/worst experiences; spill...

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June 3, 2021

The InTheir20s Spring Intern Podcast (Episode 1)

Welcome to the InTheir20s Spring Intern Podcast! Our 4-week internship is focused on five fundamental roles: Podcasting, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Professional Networking, and Business Development. Our unique ...

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March 15, 2021

#35 - Nikhil Mohanty, The Rise of NFT's and NBA Top Shot for people i…

A digital-only artwork has recently sold at Christie's auction house for an eye-watering $69m - but the winning bidder will not receive a sculpture, painting or even a print. Instead, they get a unique digital token known as...

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March 2, 2021

The InTheir20s Intern Podcast

In today's podcast we had the interns answer the following: What was a task you really enjoyed completing while being a part of InTheir20s? What was a task that you struggled with? What did you learn about podcasts and startu...

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Feb. 25, 2021

The InTheir20s Intern Podcast

In today's podcast we had the interns answer the following: What major did you pick or what major will you choose in college? What are some of the classes that you have enjoyed? What are some of your favorite hobbies? …

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July 20, 2020

#6 - Dawn Dickson, Founder & CEO of PopCom

Dawn Dickson is the CEO of PopCom, an automated retail company that uses facial recognition, A.I, and blockchain technology to help retailers collect valuable customer insights. As a serial entrepreneur with over 16 years of ...

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July 13, 2020

#5 - Doctor Aaron Spitz, Leading Men's Health Urologist & Author of T…

You for sure recognize Dr. Aaron Spitz from his many appearances on “The Doctors” Talk Show, or as the physician in the highly acclaimed Netflix film, “The Game Changers”. Dr. Spitz is a well-established Urologist and Author...

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July 6, 2020

#4 - Scott Kucirek, CEO of OCHO Candy, Inc.

If you don’t already know Scott Kucirek, you for sure know his organic candy company: Ocho Candy, Inc. They create the most DELICIOUS line of organic candy bars on the planet! In our interview, we speak with Scott about how …

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June 29, 2020

#3 - Tomer Yogev, Executive Coach, Professor, Entrepreneur, and Co-Fo…

As one of the premier coaches for entrepreneurs, Tomer Yogev brings his vast experience and unique “Joy Forward” approach to our conversation. His laid-back and sensei-like approach inspires honest dialogue, profound innovati...

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June 22, 2020

#2 - Michelle Hollis, President of 6th Street Consulting

For over 25 years, Michelle Hollis has run sales and operations for numerous companies. She currently serves as the President of 6th Street Consulting, where she brings a diverse perspective and entrepreneurial-minded passion...

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June 15, 2020

#1 - Zoaib Mirza, Director at Cornell University

This week, we speak with Zoaib Mirza who is currently a director of Instructional Design at Cornell University. Zoaib Mirza is an award-winning bilingual leader with over 20 years of providing student-centered solutions. Whil...

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