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March 20, 2023

#113 - What was Fred Hoch from TechNexus doing in his 20s

#113 - What was Fred Hoch from TechNexus doing in his 20s
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Fred Hoch is a consummate builder. Throughout his career, Fred has worked with thousands of technology companies to drive their growth through strategic insight partnered with a keen focus on execution. Hoch is the Founder and General Partner of Chicago’s TechNexus Venture Collaborative, a venture investment company building ecosystems to drive insight and growth. Through a unique alignment of relationships and partnerships, leading corporations leverage the platform to align, invest in and collaborate with ventures to transform business models and ultimately innovate. An outgrowth of one of the most successful startup incubators in the country in the past decade, TechNexus has emerged as one of the most active venture investors globally. He has an eclectic entrepreneurial background that includes startups, evangelism, the birth of SaaS, and associations with a bit of international affairs thrown in for good measure. He uses the entire spectrum of these experiences, and a dose of sarcasm,  to propel in his business and personal endeavors.A native Californian, now a deep-rooted Chicagoan, he is always seeking ways to get in the water and enjoy the outdoors through biking, hiking, or kayaking with and without his wife, labrador, and three children. He currently sits on the boards of numerous startups, as well as the UIC School of Engineering, ChicagoNEXT, and SmartBet Charities.