Inner Peace w/ Dr. Reese

Posture Matters w/ Brian Bradley

April 17, 2022

In episode # 138, Dr. Reese sits down with Brian Bradley, a postural therapist with the egoscue method for 30 years. In this talk they discuss the cure for CTE, lymphatic drainage, the cartilage myth and how posture affects …

Guest: Brian Bradley
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Manifesting Health & Wealth w/ Dr. Alison Kay

April 10, 2022

In episode # 137, Dr. Reese sits down with best selling author, subtle energy practitioner and manifestation teacher, Dr. Alison Kay. In this talk, they discuss how to manifest health and wealth. They also get into whole br…


Electrical Pollution w/ Mike Butler

Jan. 30, 2022

In episode # 131, Dr. Reese sits down with nutritionist, entrepreneur and Electrical pollution expert, Mike Butler. In this conversation, they talk about what electrical pollution is, how much is around us and how we neutral…

Health Adversity

Fake Diseases w/ Ryan Aleckszander

Dec. 5, 2021

In episode # 124, Dr. Reese sits down with Ryan Aleckszander, a nutrition expert and author of the book, Fake Diseases. In this convo, they talk about what makes a fake disease and why the medical system is a legal monopoly.…

Health Mindfulness

Body Wisdom w/ Dr. Lisa Nezneski

Oct. 10, 2021

In episode # 116, Dr. Reese sits down with Dr. Lisa Nezneski, a doctor of pharmacy, medication and supplements counselor and mindfulness teacher. In this talk they go into medications vs supplements and the balance of the tw…


The 90 Essential Nutrients w/ Dr. Joel Wallach

Sept. 19, 2021

In episode # 113, Dr. Reese sits down with one of the fathers of Epigenetic's, Dr. Joel Wallach. In this recording, they talk about how Dr. Wallach cured himself of disease using nutrition at only 9 years old! They go on to …

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The Healing Attitude w/ Dr. Bernie Siegel

Sept. 12, 2021

In episode # 112, Dr. Reese sits down with world renounced surgeon, author and speaker, Dr. Bernie Siegel. In this talk, Dr. Bernie tells remarkable stories of people who healed their disease through the right attitude. Find…


Nutritional Deficiencies w/ Desiree Lotz

June 27, 2021

In episode # 102, Dr. Reese sits down with Desiree Lotz, a 40 plus year popular nutritionist. In this talk, they discuss how much the body can get thrown out of whack without the proper nutrition. They discuss magnesium, cal…