we all exist in some sort of ish... what is your ish?


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This was an instant subscribe for me as soon as I listened to my first episode. I love Beatriz's style on engagement with her guests. You'll come out of each episode with something new and refreshed. I love it, Beatriz adds great value to the world through the In-Betweenish and I hope that she'll continue to bring more voices and stories to light. Love your work!

I can’t get enough!!

Beatriz was made for this- she, so easily and gently, takes me on a journey through the intricate lives of others. What a gift! Everyone who has been interviewed so far has had a fascinating story to tell and I am constantly itching to hear the next one! She always knows exactly what to ask to get to the heart of her interviewees thoughts. If you enjoy a good, rich and honest conversation - give this a listen. You won’t regret it!

I found my people! 🥲❤️

I love the feeling of community I get from listening to this podcast. The host is compassionate but thorough in her interviews, and each episode sounds like a genuine conversation. I am so grateful to have found this show and wait to hear the future episodes. A must listen if you often wonder where and how you belong in the world.

Heartfelt conversations worth a listen! ✨

I many interview shows I don’t feel like the host and the guest are having a genuine conversation. But in this show I do. In it, each episode explores identity, multiculturalism, language, and religion and all the many ways those things intersect for different people in very sensitive and deep ways. I am so grateful I found this show and can’t wait to hear the episodes that are to come! 🌻

Highly recommend

Still processing my thoughts but I like where this is going


Fantastic podcast and a great host! Genuine conversations that touch on the unique human experience of belonging and the constant search for a place to call home. Excited to see how the topic and conversations will evolve!

Very relatable and raises important questions

This podcast raises some fascinating and less-talked-about topics around cross-cultural identities and how they influence communication, relationships and life experiences. Bee is an insightful host, and I'm saying this from the perspective of having been both a guest and now a listener of the podcast. Looking forward to hearing more!