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Feb. 12, 2023

S6 E2 | Glitches in the Matrix

S6 E2 | Glitches in the Matrix

I Want to Believe the Podcast – S6 E2 | Glitches in the Matrix

Open Songs: Darla Jade | Glitch in the Matrix Documentary - Closing song: Nomar Slevik

Clips throughout episode: Matt Santoro | The Why Files

Ay! Welcome to the second episode of season 6 of the I Want to Believe podcast!

People all over the world have been sharing stories about times they have experienced a "glitch in the matrix". That phrase, first coined from the 1999 film The Matrix — poses the idea that humanity is living in a giant computer simulation. Over the years, the phrase has become a sort of shorthand for an example of unusual occurrences that cannot be explained logically. Tonight, we’ll be sharing the most interesting examples of glitches in the matrix that we could find.


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Sources: Reddit - Tell Me Your Glitch in the Matrix Stories

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