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Nov. 3, 2020

Episode #173: People Are Stupid (Costarring Marcus Robinson)

Episode #173: People Are Stupid (Costarring Marcus Robinson)
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Once upon a time, people could get their information from reliable sources. Books, newspapers, the television... all these formats had some form of truth to them in return for a fee. Today, these formats still exist. And while the internet has caused us to push the boundaries of getting the most content for less, evil forces still seek to keep that same content unavailable... unless you pay. Giant intro aside, Marcus and I discuss ESPN's decision to move it's written content behind a ESPN+ fueled paywall, we dig deeper into more election anxiety (and even play some fun games with our sanity), and then reminisce over Grantland.com's 5 year death anniversary. All the best to you, Jason and Haley. Bill... I got nothing for you.

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