July 24, 2020

The Missing Middle | Densifying Australian Cities

The Missing Middle | Densifying Australian Cities

Welcome to the first series of the HIP V. HYPE podcast, where we discuss new ideas around housing, sustainability and climate action to explore ways to support the sustainable growth of our cities and regions. 

In this episode Laura Phillips, Head of Urban Advocacy at HIP V. HYPE is joined by Liam Wallis, Director of HIP V. HYPE and Brighid Sammon who is a Senior Policy Advisor to discuss the case for densifying Australian cities.

Australian cities have some of lowest rates of density in the world. The idea of the Great Australian dream of a suburban block is still leading people to look towards the fringes of our urban centres in search of affordability.

Moderate increases in density across our suburbs can provide for more housing close by to existing community amenity, public transport and green spaces, yet building out the missing middle is marred by contentious planning proposals and local politics.

This episode takes a look at the opportunities and challenges for densifying the missing middle suburbs of Australian cities. 

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