Oct. 23, 2020

Healthy Homes | Building Climate Resilient Housing

Healthy Homes | Building Climate Resilient Housing

Spending extended periods of time indoors during the COVID-19 lockdowns has put the performance of our housing into sharp focus.

At the same time, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent across the world. How can our housing be better designed and built to withstand increasing heatwaves and the impacts of longer, more intense bushfire seasons?

Our cities and regions need to support durable, environmentally sustainable housing that is cool in summer, warm in winter and that generates renewable energy in order to build climate resilience into our communities.  

In this episode Laura Phillips, Head of Urban Advocacy at HIP V. HYPE is joined by Clare Parry, Better Buildings Lead at HIP V. HYPE and Sara van der Meer, Head of Operations at HIP V. HYPE and Executive Committee Member with Geelong Sustainability to discuss how we can build and retrofit to create climate resilient housing in Australia at scale.

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