July 31, 2020

Diversifying Housing | Family Apartment Living in Australia

Diversifying Housing | Family Apartment Living in Australia

Welcome to the first series of the HIP V. HYPE podcast, where we discuss new ideas around housing, sustainability and climate action to explore ways to support the sustainable growth of our cities and regions. 

In this episode Laura Phillips, Head of Urban Advocacy at HIP V. HYPE is joined by Liam Wallis, Director of HIP V. HYPE and Mitra Anderson-Oliver who is a Better Cities and Regions Associate with HIP V. HYPE Sustainability to discuss the case for family apartment living in Australia.

Internationally, three and four bedroom apartments provide for a diverse mix of residents, whether they be a family with young, teenage or adult children, shared households or multi-generational living. However, in Australia three-bedroom apartments are predominantly marketed as a ‘luxury’ housing option.

There is a growing case for an increasing number of families to live in inner-city locations, which are close to professional jobs, close to existing family structures and close to existing essential amenities such as shops, schools, hospitals, parks, beaches and community facilities. 

But for Australians to meaningfully aspire to apartments as a long-term living option, apartment designs must support attributes that make for meaningfully better apartment living. This episode takes a look at how this can be achieved. 

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