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Honest John's Nothing But The Truth

Honest John's Nothing But The Truth

Just an old geezer shaking his fist and ranting at the world

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Recent Episodes

Episode 7: season 2 Episode 7 Second Class Citizens

May 22, 2022

The unconstitutional decision by the Supreme Court 

Episode 6: Season 2 Episode 6 Protecting The Lie

May 2, 2022

The Republican war on truth

Episode 5: Season 2 Episode 5 A New Scam By The Police

April 18, 2022

The behavior of the police in Illinois and Indiana was very suspicious

Episode 3: Season 2 Episode 3 The War in Ukraine

March 7, 2022

Vladimir Putin's dangerous gamble could lead to a wider war

Episode 2: Season 2 Episode 2 Virtue

Feb. 15, 2022

We need to embrace Alexander hamilton's definition of virtue