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Nov. 5, 2021

Affirmations for Motivation & Position Thinking

Affirmations for Motivation & Position Thinking

Why You Should Use Daily Affirmations?

We are surrounded every day by negative messages from the world around us. The media, our family, and even well- meaning friends can impose limiting beliefs on use that greatly diminish our belief that anything is possible. These limiting beliefs are continually repeated to us throughout our childhood and well into adulthood and ultimately how we end up defining ourselves and who we are and what we can accomplish.

Unfortunately, we end up internalizing the negative messages that we are constantly bombarded with and they become our truth. The truths that are formed with these limited beliefs end up holding us back from our hopes, dreams, and goals and keep us from stepping into our true potential. It should really come as no surprise when your physical reality matches these limiting beliefs because our external world is always a reflection of our inner world.

Willpower isn't enough to create the change in your life that you seek. When you have negative self-talk and when you are going through your life with limiting beliefs, such as "I don't deserve it. That's just the way it is," the negativity ends up canceling out any action or effort that you make, every time. To create the change in your life that you desire, you have to let go of the negative thoughts and images that you associate with your life, and fill your mind with new ideas that are positive, and that will support you in creating the change you desire.

Daily positive affirmations work to replace these old limiting beliefs, pessimistic thoughts, and negative self-talk with positive statements that fill affirm who you want to be and what you want to experience in your life.

It can be tough to stay on task and motivated when you are working towards a goal. Things just happen that challenge you, discourage you and more! These affirmations can help you stay focused on positive vibes and work towards your ultimate goal with ease! I hope you enjoy!! And remember the Membership is now LIVE!!! If you want to check out the options visit 


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