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Story Teller | Public Speaker | Consultant

“Stories are the way to a person’s heart. Any product that was ever sold was actually the result of a good story”.

Anu Senan is a competitive public speaker well known in New York City through Toastmasters International - the leading authority in Public Speaking and Communication. She emerged as the third place winner in the International Speech Contest held in New York in 2019, beating over 6,000 contestants in North America’s largest Toastmasters district.

As a passionate public speaker and storyteller, she has spoken in over 50 different Toastmaster clubs in New York city covering a range of audience from private organizations like JPMC, EY and non-profits like UNICEF, the United Nations to students at Columbia University in the past two years. With 14 years of corporate experience in the private and public sector, Anu is an experienced leader who handles multi-million projects and is at home working with people from diverse backgrounds.