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May 2, 2020

#3 Luisa Montalvo - Every dog we rescue has a story

#3 Luisa Montalvo - Every dog we rescue has a story
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She has transported and rescued over 1000 dogs till date. At the age of 60, she rose to prominence as the runner up of the World Championship of Public Speaking 2019, beating over 30,000 contestants from 143 countries.

Our guest for this episode is Luisa Montalvo, resident of South Texas who is rescuing stray dogs from certain death and transporting them to New York where each and every one of them is adopted by foster families who are grateful for her service.

In this episode Luisa opens her heart about what it means to find people who care about animals, using her storytelling skills to spread awareness about the plight of animals ,
and giving herself the next 10 years to take South Texas of the map as a place where dogs are euthanized.

At the time of this interview, TIMEmagazine, carried an article on the high demand for foster animals in the US. People are adopting or fostering pets to beat the isolation.

Foster home website :http://ruffhouserescue.org/ 



How the dog rescue project started


Staying connected with the dogs after adoption


Rescue agency details and how you can help


Spreading awareness about the plight of stray dogs


Why New Yorkers' make amazing foster families


Speaking for the voiceless


Message for our listeners