July 10, 2020

#13 Brandi Covington and Poonam Kumar- Feeding the frontline workers

#13 Brandi Covington and Poonam Kumar- Feeding the frontline workers

Food can transcend boundaries. It can unite people irrespective of their background. And it can bring healing and nourishment to both who serve and who are served. This is the story of Brandi Covington - cofounder of Cooking With Corey and Poonam VK - cofounder and CEO of Saavor, who joined hands to serve meals to healthcare workers during the pandemic in NYC.

In this episode, Brandi Covington - cofounder of Cooking with Corey - shares her struggles as an entrepreneur and small business owner in NYC during the lockdown that forced many businesses to shut down. Brandi talks about what motivates her and how she managed to keep her business afloat while serving health care workers at the same time.

I also talk to Poonam Kumar, cofounder and CEO of Saavor - a marketplace and mobile application platform connecting local chefs and food companies to their community - who started a fundraiser during the lockdown to support meals for healthcare workers. She and Brandi partnered to serve and deliver to many hospitals around the city.

Brandi operates out of The Entrepreneur Space, which is a food and business  incubator in Long Island City, NY. They provide a home to emerging businesses at a reasonable cost. During Covid-19 they have worked on keeping the foodpreneurs up and running by working with the Queens Borough President's Office to Fuel the Frontlines, feeding the hospital workers in the hardest hit areas, such as Queens, New York. The total number of meals the foodpreneurs served frontline workers thus far is 1,625.

To learn more about Brandi's business:
Instagram: cooking_with_corey
Website: cookingwithcorey.com

To learn more about Saavor:
Instagram : saavornow
Website : http://www.saavor.co/