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April 30, 2020

#1 Erwan Saunier - I know what it feels like to want help

#1 Erwan Saunier - I know what it feels like to want help
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Welcome to the 1st episode of Heroes of New York!

Erwan Saunier - Program Director at Manhattan Kickers Soccer club - had to close down his business on Mar 16th when the pandemic started to spread through NYC. A week later his wife lost her job. Their 17 year old son is waiting and hoping that college will open later this year, but he fears not. Despite the fact that their world turned upside down during this crisis, Erwan stepped up to help others in his neighborhood in East Village. From picking up and delivering groceries, walking the dogs to taking out the trash, Erwan is a godsend to many in this part of the city. 

In this episode, Erwan opens up about what motivates him, why he doesn't follow the news and what you can do to help others during this crisis.