Oct. 26, 2023

Dr. Anil Singh: Living Health: A Data-Driven Healthcare Transformation

Dr. Anil Singh: Living Health: A Data-Driven Healthcare Transformation

Curious about the future of healthcare? It has to be collaborative, holistic, data-driven, and personalized.

In our latest episode of Healthcare Unbound, join Dr. Anil Singh in a conversation about Highmark Health's innovative Living Health model and how it prioritizes patient and provider experiences for improved health outcomes. Discover how Dr. Singh's pioneering collaboration with Clarify Health, utilizing data analytics for personalized care, is reshaping the healthcare landscape, promising improved results through enhanced access to vital patient data.

Learn about Highmark Health's groundbreaking Living Health model and its transformative impact on patient well-being!

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About Dr. Anil Singh:

Anil Singh, MD, MPH, MMM is the Senior Vice President and Executive Medical Director of Population and Curated Health for Highmark Health, a $26 billion blended health organization comprising one of America's largest Blue Cross Blue Shield insurers, and a growing regional hospital and physician network. Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Highmark Health's 42,000 employees serve millions of customers nationwide through the nonprofit organization's affiliated businesses, including Highmark Inc., Allegheny Health Network, HM Insurance Group, United Concordia Dental, Helion, and enGen. 

Dr. Singh recognizes the importance of a holistic approach to patient care, encompassing physical, mental, and social aspects. He collaborates closely with Highmark Health's Chief Medical and Clinical Transformation Officer to drive enhancements in clinical outcomes, reducing total costs of care for high and rising-risk populations in the near and mid-term while also investing in maintaining the long-term health of lower-risk populations. Dr. Singh heads a team of clinicians dedicated to creating clinically validated solutions by provider networks, integrating them into the comprehensive health plan member portal My Highmark.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Highmark Health emphasizes a holistic approach to healthcare, considering patient care's physical, mental, and social aspects.
  • The Living Health model focuses on improving health outcomes through enhanced patient and provider experiences, ultimately leading to greater affordability.
  • Collaboration with Clarify Health enables Highmark Health to leverage data and analytics for personalized care and collaboration with top-quality providers.
  • The integration of insurance and healthcare has shown promising results, providing clinicians with access to crucial data during patient care.


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