Oct. 11, 2023

Chuck Feerick & Emily Roesing: Behavioral Economics in Healthcare: Optimizing Referral Patterns

Chuck Feerick & Emily Roesing: Behavioral Economics in Healthcare: Optimizing Referral Patterns

How can you be sure that you and your providers are making the most informed healthcare decisions for you

In this episode, Chuck Feerick and Emily Roesing discuss implementing incentives and network strategies within value-based care. They stress the significance of motivating physicians, addressing specific behaviors, preserving clinician autonomy, providing data-driven insights, streamlining implementation, and aligning physician incentives with benefit design to enhance healthcare outcomes and patient engagement.

Tune in to learn more about improving healthcare outcomes and network strategies in the value-based care model!

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About Chuck Feerick:

Chuck Feerick is Claryfy Health Solutions’ Vice President of Growth and Product Strategy. He is a healthcare professional with 15 years of experience (including 2 years of leadership development training) working in managed care as well as in strategic healthcare consulting and product management, setting the strategic direction to meet financial objectives, creating internal wellness programs, health information technology (HIT) - building and launching new products and platforms, member/patient relations, government relations, and the development of Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) and Patient-Centered Medical Home models. Chuck formerly hosted the Innovation Rising Podcast, presented by Healthbox.

Chuck is also passionate about health and wellness at both the community and individual level. As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, he designed and built a holistic wellness program for a 6,000+ employee organization across 14 states. He is also the Founder of StandUp Chicago, a non-profit volunteer organization working to help schools implement standing desks in their classroom for their students.

About Emily Roesing:

Emily Roesing is Clarify Health Solutions’ Senior Director for Products. She is a seasoned professional in the healthcare industry with a passion for improving the American healthcare system. With a background in applying behavioral economics concepts to healthcare, Emily has dedicated her career to finding innovative solutions that enhance the patient experience and drive better outcomes.

Having previously worked with industry experts like Dr. Amol Navathe and Zeke Emanuel, Emily brings a wealth of knowledge in physician incentives, benefit design, and member engagement strategies. Her work has focused on bridging the gap between patients and physicians, aiming to create a more patient-centric approach to healthcare decision-making.

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Incentives and behavioral economics can motivate physicians to make better decisions in healthcare.
  • Physicians should always be free to make clinical judgments that benefit their patients.
  • Implementing healthcare strategies should be made as easy as possible for healthcare providers.
  • The alignment of physician incentives with benefit design can create a reinforcing cycle of positive network selection and improve patient outcomes.
  • Providing physicians with data-driven insights, including cost and quality data, is crucial for helping them make informed decisions.
  • The future of healthcare involves a shift towards more data-driven, incentive-based, and patient-centered approaches.


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