Jan. 6, 2023

Tales From The Grave With Simon Entwistle

Tales From The Grave With Simon Entwistle

Joining me today is Simon Entwistle an award winning tour guide and author of Ghostly Tales of the Unexpected. He has a knack for storytelling and regaling his audiences with history, ghosts, heroes, villains, murders, mystery and more. 

In today's episode Simon is going to share some local and personal tales of history, ghosts, bravery and tragedy as well as sharing an interesting poltergeist account. 

Thank you for listening.

Guest information:

Facebook: https://en-gb.facebook.com/tophattours2369/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/simon413entwis1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/entwistlesimon/?hl=en-gb

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Simon Entwistle

Tour Guide with Top Hat Tours, Author

Simon Entwistle is an author, actor, experienced guide, and consumate storyteller, who can be hired to do tours for groups (from a minimum of two people) up to coaches of 50+ people. His ghost tours are very popular and in Pendle he often leads tours recounting the true story of the Pendle Witches. He has won and been nominated for numerous awards, including Lancashire Tourism Awards "Special Recognition" Award and Visit England's Tourism Superstar Award.