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Catriona Byers

Writer, photographer and historian. PhD candidate on the nineteenth-century morgues of Paris and New York

Catriona Byers is a historian specialising in urban death, policing, medicine and photography from the nineteenth-century to the present day. She’s currently working on a PhD at King’s College London, focusing on the morgues of Paris and New York from 1864-1914, alongside research projects relating to the history of crime scene photography, and American pauper cemeteries. She divides her time between Paris, London and New York, and moonlights as a photographer and food stylist alongside her historical research.

Nov. 18, 2022

The Haunting History of The Paris Morgue with Catriona Byers

If you were visiting Paris today, you’d probably find yourself walking past the love padlocks on the Pont des Arts, walking through Notre Dame and a mile on from there you’d be at the Louvre. If you were in Paris …

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